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Updating virus definitions, ESET Suspens/Error/Bug program

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It's not bug but a normal error that would also occur if there was a problem reading a configuration dat file or privileges for the folder/file were tampered with, causing ekrn to be unable to read the file. Since you've also posted some other issues in another topic and you might prefer communicating in Polish, I'd strongly recommend contacting Polish Customer care (hxxp://www.eset.pl/O_nas/DAGMA/Kontakt) who will be happy to assist you with troubleshooting the issues.

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I wrote the message but each time the long wait for a response and it's been several months and the program still does not work.

Icon blue (ESET) shows the "scanning in progress" (work few second or few minutes minutes) and the program SUSPEND/CRASH after a short time

Many times I have written what is Causing the issue, but none of the developers to not understand this problem?

"Interactive" (how this configuration my PC?) Please reply

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