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Suggestion for Policies section

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As I use ESMC 7 more and more, I am getting pretty good at navigating the UI, but I also find ways it could be improved. One area that could be improved is the Policies section where you have a policy selected and it has the "Assigned To" tab which shows where the policy is assigned. That's fine, but the next tab, "Applied On" is what could use improvement. It would be great if it would tell you whether or not the particular computer has the current policy or an older one. As it is now, I have to click on the machine, select "Show Details", then click "Configuration", then click on "Applied Policies". Far too click heavy if you have lots of computers.

Please add the ability to add columns to the "Applied On" tab.

I am over my initial distaste with this console, but there is room for improvement. If it was more customizable, it would be a really good product.


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