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JS/Chromex.Submelius.D trojan

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JS/Chromex.Submelius.D trojan .... pops up on Chrome Only for me

Did an "in depth scan"  and nothing was found the second time.

Windows 10

Any help would be appreciated!!


Thanks in advance,




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Short description

JS/Chromex.Submelius is a trojan that redirects the browser to a specific URL location with malicious software. The program code of the malware is usually embedded in HTML pages.


Robtex displays that this IP,, is associated with this URL, allenberrebbi.com, but that URL is not routable.

Since it is only happening in Chrome, you might have inadvertently installed a malicious extension. Or, whatever web sites you are frequenting have a page that is infected with a malicious javascript. The later is most likely. 

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Appears someone has hijacked the URL associated with AOL online e-mail. Below is a screen shot of what I get when I enter https:\\mail.aol.com in IE11. I suggest if you are in the U.S., you use this URL instead: https://my.screenname.aol.com/_cqr/login/login.psp?sitedomain=sns.mail.aol.com&seamless=novl&lang=en&locale=US&authLev=0&siteState=uv%3AAOL|rt%3ASTD|at%3ASNS|lc%3Aen_US|ld%3Amail.aol.com|snt%3AScreenName|sid%3A861b8cd6-c3a5-4f5c-9da5-307b9ad05303|qp%3A|&offerId=newmail-en-us-v2




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