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Adding domain to Blocked Senders list

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I have a Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1 server running on Windows 2008 R2 SP1, and yesterday I installed ESET Mail Security 4.5.10019.1 with the latest updates/definitions.


I have been getting a large amount of spam - expected - and have been going through adding the legitimate mail's domain to the Safe Senders list, this is all fine.

The problem is with those that are regular offenders, eg. bmfconferences.com . I have added this to the Blocked Senders but the emails keep appearing in my Quarantine mailbox. Is this normal behaviour? What I want is for any of the blocked senders to be deleted, I don't want them appearing in my quarantine.

Is this possible?


Many thanks


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Hello Mark,


Emails that are received from senders that are on your Blocked Senders list in Mail Security will be immediately considered as spam. As a result, they will be handled based how you have configured Mail Security to handle spam (the default behavior is to tag the email with [sPAM] in the subject line and deliver the email to the intended recipient).


There is no way to use the Blocked Senders list to immediately delete email, unless Mail Security is configured to delete all email flagged as spam.


If you would like to automatically delete the email that meet certain conditions, instead of treating them as spam, you can set up a user-defined rule. These rules will apply before the antispam module scans the email. In your case, you can configure a rule to delete emails from a specific domain. For more information about rules and how to configure them, please see Section 3.1.2 - Rules in the Mail Security user manual.


Thank you,


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