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Managing licenses

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Hello everyone,

Just a small problem we have over here, I work at a company who uses a lot of laptops, but the problem is that laptops brake, get damaged or are replaced in a matter of seconds. I have 0 control over how licenses are distributed and what laptop is using which license.

Also I’m not familiar with the eset remote administration tool and how to use it.

The funny thing is that I’m new here, and no one is managing AV software thy just buy 71 licenses for 35 laptops just in case.


I know eset is happy about this, but please this is not efficient.

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Is Endpoint v6 installed on clients? If so, you can manage licenses via ela.eset.com.

As for the higher number of seats covered by your license than actually needed, I'd suggest contacting the distributor or reseller from whom you purchased your license to reduce it to the number of computers that you actually use.

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