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Nod32 And Windows XP

Shadow Gamer

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I tried to answer my questions regarding this by searching, but I found no specific results in the KB or related articles... So, as of the current version 10, Nod32 is no longer available for Windows XP systems?

I mantain a Windows XP SP3 PC for nostalgia purposes monstly, and it has been secured by Nod32 since version 2.7... I'm just starting this thread to figure how much time will ESET be able to keep my old PC safe (as possible of course... I'm aware we are talking about XP here...).

Thanks everyone!

PS: Why I can't receive a confirmation email here on the Forums with a Hotmail account? I tried 2 different ones with no success, and had to register via Facebook...

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V10 runs on Windows XP SP3 fine. As long as there are no substantial hurdles that would prevent future features from working properly on it, it should be (at least unofficially) supported. In particular I mean that you could install ESET on Windows XP SP3 but we might not provide fixes for issues stemming from using a system that is not supported by Microsoft any more.

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So v10 is not "officially" supported on Windows XP, but runs fine?


Because some of the ESET support pages suggests that the last supported version that you can install in a Windows XP system is v9...

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