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  1. I can confirm I have this problem also. I logged on to the anti-theft website and clicked the option to set it to not stolen/lost but ever since I entered my Passcode wrong too many times, I have been spammed with emails constantly, and it had been over a day since that happened!
  2. I would like to upgrade my 3 PC Smart Security licence to a 3 PC & 3 Android Device licence for ESET Multi-Device Security. How do I do this? Also, this Multi-Device Security licence would be MUCH better if it just gave us 5 or 6 sicences that could be used on either an Android device, a Windows PC, or a Mac. That way anyone with less Android phones than computers would not have to upgrade their licence for more computers when they have not even used all of their Android installs.
  3. Thanks but I tried creating the ghost account with the Administrator account and it still did not work. Will do.
  4. The account was not made, I have checked in control panel. I did start the configuration process from the ESET interface, but it still fails to create the account. Also for some reason when I run the anti-theft test everything works fine even without the account created.
  5. I have ESS 7 on my laptop running Windows 8.1 and every time I login to the online interface for anti-theft, the optimization pane tells me to create a ghost windows account. I create one like it tells me to, and momentarily everything is fine. However, after I close the page and wait a minute, i go back on and it asks me to create another ghost account.
  6. Hello all. I have an SMB file server in my home running Windows Server 2012 Datacenter (don't ask) and I have the server's location on the network set in my ESS antivirus and spyware exclusions as such: "\\SERVER\*.*" I have that location mapped to a drive, and I have Windows Sync keep the files offline automatically. So I have my mapped drive also set under the exclusions as "Z:/*.*" The problem is every now and then ESS picks up files that it says are located on my server (for example "\\SERVER\blah.exe") that it says were accessed by "C:\Windows\System32\SearchProtocolHost.exe" (which I believe is some windows indexing service) even though I have that specific SearchProtocolHost.exe and the file's location (my server) BOTH in the exclusions. What do I do? P.S. Screenshot attached.
  7. The old eye icon looked much better, also the top bar including the check mark form version 6 looked better.
  8. AGREED! The Eye looks very clean and appealing, especially in Winodws 8.
  9. Description: An automatic sandbox component like Avast and Comodo have. Detail: This is the best way to analyse zero day threats and restrict them from harming a user's computer, it has proven effective and preventative time and time again.
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