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  1. ESET RA Upgrade process: wade through a long list of procedures and choices and at the end have not the slightest idea if it worked. All other software upgrade process: click on install updates. We have to demonstrate to our auditors that we have a 'console' to manage AV installations and this is the worst bit of software I have seen in years. I love the client software but this is abysmal. Am actually thinking we will have to replace all of the clients with a competitor just so we can get a working console.
  2. Will someone please just give a sensible answer as to why alerts that were generated days ago (failed to contact server) and have been subsequently voided by the process then completing still show up as critical in the system? It just makes no sense to me I log into the console and all I see are red alerts for events that are no longer valid. If someone takes a laptop out of the office and it fails to connect, why does this then show as an alert when they come back into the office and actually connect? Is there any logic?
  3. Has anyone gotten anywhere with this? I did a clean install of ERA 6 two days ago, pushed out the agent to 10 PC's and they all consistently fail to connect unless i restart the apache service and then tell them to update. After the 6 hours has expired and they try again they fail....cue another apache restart. Having never used ERA 6 before 2 days ago I am losing the will to live with it....
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