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  1. Looks like I had an old "ESET Services" proxy server in the config, but was set use direct connection if it failed. I disabled this setting, and got better results, but still fails with same results. As I watch Task Manager, I see that the Management agent is downloading quite a bit for a while (several minutes) but then fails. I've captured this with Wireshark, but don't know wireshark enough to know what I'm looking at.
  2. Trying to update Endpoint Antivirus via Remote Management Server. Failed to synchronize package repository. Software installation failed: GetFile: Failed to process HTTP request (error code: 20014, url: 'hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/eea/windows/v7/7.3.2036.0/eea_nt64.msi') If I put that URL into my browser, I get a prompt to download eea_nt64.msi
  3. Clients are also showing error: "Modules Update Failed. Your license file does not contain a username and password. You can update only from an update mirror." This was fine before the update to the latest version. Again, have not changed anything with our client policies.
  4. Did not get the LiveGrid message on desktops before the update to 6.6.2068.0. Most of my clients were running or or two versions behind, but they were already on Endpoint AntiVirus 6.6 at least. this is affecting all of my upgraded clients. My RA shows 0 offline clients.
  5. Upon updating our clients to 6.6.2068.0 with Remote Administrator, the clients now report; ESET LiveGrid is not accessible The credentials used to access ESET LiveGrid servers are not correct. We have an active licenses. Didn't change anything with our profiles. This was a simple in-place upgrade pushed out by RA.
  6. Anyone else see this behavior? The last two days, almost all of my clients can't connect to the proxy server to get updates. If I perform a restart of the ApacheHttpProxy Service, clients can then connect and get the updates just fine. As a work-around, I have a scheduled task run a .bat file to stop and restart the service at night.
  7. I agree. the %GENERATED_MESSAGE% variable is unreadable and almost useless. For instance... the Source Machine data generates a name such as: "e7da08bc-d9d4-4676-9db3-8a9f500fc023", which I can't even use the search feature within ERA6 Console to search. "No Results". Are there other variables we can use? Such as "%Computername%?
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