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  1. It would be really wrong to say that ESET products don't do their job. However...I value my time and my company money. We have 100 workstations on single location and for now we still use v5. It's console is much more responsive and informative that v6. Since I'm the only person testing and integrating solutions I really don't have time for unfinished and undocumented products like v6. Pool for documentation? Seriously? Is this really something that should be in question? With no documentation I can only guess how entire system works, as they point out to so many people here on forum, that they don't understand new v6 system. No full offline mirror? Seriously? (ok, not until 6.2, and still it's just separate download that can't be controlled from GUI. Still no documentation? Seriously?) After testing two releases I'm waiting for third one until license expires and I have to make decision should we stay on v5, should we switch to v6 or look for other solution on market. I have suggested to ESET to take approach to their development like Microsoft did with Windows 10. More open and constructive way of communicating to customers on what to expect in future releases. So far all we get on forum posts is "soon to be released, that will fix this and that". I often ask myself am I wrong, have I missed something, but I have many colleagues that share my problems and thoughts in regard to v6. Also subscribed to this forum and every day I get posts that people report problems that I really wonder how many people will switch to v6 at all. Regards. Agreed 100%. We are still on 5. Version 6 doesn't work for us either Alex
  2. Yeah... You ar feeding us at least couple months with "a few weeks away".............
  3. If I would have a chance to vote, I would never vote for most changes that were happened in version 6.1
  4. There will be one more build of ERA v5 (specifically 5.3). As of v6, ERA enables you to see the configuration tree in the very same way as it appears on clients. In older versions of ERA, there was a configuration tree which didn't 100% match the appearance of the product settings on clients and caused a lot of confusion to users. It'd be good if you could clarify what you mean so that we understand what exactly you want to achieve. The built-in mirror has never been as efficient as dedicated http servers, such as Apache or IIS and not many clients could be served at a time. Still, if you want to create a local mirror with v6, you can do so by means of an Endpoint v6 product which also supports distribution of updates via the internal http server. Also there should be a tool available soon that will download updates files that can be subsequently distributed to clients by a 3rd party http server or via a local share. The problem with right-click scan is not related to this at all. Honestly, I've never heard about such issue with Endpoint v6 so I'd strongly recommend troubleshooting it further with customer care. I've never had this problem and haven't seen it reported from customers nor from users in this forum specifically for Endpoint v6. A similar issue was reported for older versions but it wasn't specific to ESET and other application icons exhibited the same behavior. Never heard of this issue, further information about the system will be needed. It's not clear if the issue exhibits on all of your systems, what OS is installed, if more users are logged on at a time, etc. Strongly recommend to contact Customer care for further assistance. I use only username and password to log in to the console and U/P for ELA portal. What usernames/passwords are you referring to? Apache HTTP proxy replaces the former mirror feature with a more efficient and reliable way of caching downloaded files. Administration via the web console was requested by many administrators as it enables them to access ERA from any operating system and are not limited to Windows like it was with ERA v5 and earlier. Please create a separate topic for each issue so that we don't mix different things in one topic. I would say you are trying to use nuclear power plant for feeding flashlight where most people will use just Duracell battery. Power plant is more efficient. No kidding. But when you need a simplicity and convince with small flashlight - the battery works much better. As I already suggested you in my earlier posts: you'd seriously have to think about releasing different products for different sizes of businesses. That will remove the irritation from small busines which doesn't want to setup complicated technologies on their small servers to protect 20 - 100 computers. You can give them choice for simplicity and convenience of version 5. Version 5 won a lot a customers for you. Don't toss it.
  5. It is hard to disagree. I'm in the same boat on v5. But I have a strong feeling that v5 won't last for long. I haven't tested a virtual appliance. Maybe it is the way I should take a look at? Waiting for new update.
  6. Agree, but it does not look like they are going to change approach to this new concept of ERA V6. That's why I'm looking for an alternative solution... I need a plan "B" if I wouldn't be able to acomodate ESET
  7. I haven't expected your answer but just want to note: there nothing in official documentation describing potential problems and ways to resolve them. Your links not resolving any of my questions. I have squid proxy working on my Linux gateway to my network. Can it be used and tuned up to work with ERA6? Apache web server and Apache Tomcat web server are two different products. How to make them work together on one server without issues and use ssl? Don't answer on that. My point is: documentation isn't good enough, I cannot give dedicated server running just ERA, and ESET is using too many technologies that may conflict with services already installed and working in production. The reason why I asked about Mariadb: oracle's MySQL isn't optimal (ESET have it in their documentation), because Oracle don't want to make it optimal. Oracle need to sale their commercial products. Mariadb is open source fork of MySQL which works more reliable and faster. And this is just example. Of course it is not critical. Don't bother to answer me. Better concentrate on new documentation to new version and try to look from customer's sideAlex
  8. Thank you Bbahes. And If you are going to talk it would be great if you can clear some additional questions. There may be very different set ups in our networks, which may conflict with what ESET offered. How to resolve them? I would like to see this section in their documentation. For example: - if I already have proxy running on the computer, what modifications should I made for ESET? - if I already have Apache web server, do I need install in addition Tomcat server? And how to make them work together to accept SSL connections? - default database for many Linux installations is Mariadb (not MySQL). There several reasons for that. How to configure ERA to make it work with Mariadb? (I made it work) We are living not in ideal world and sometimes we can give to eset just some resources on production server (not clean brand new installation of OS on separate computer) I understand that answers on questions like that requires more work to resolve and write several additional articles in your documentation, but people like me will appreciate this and you will have less problems in support.
  9. Yes, it is possible, but I will not try it right now. I spent enough unproductive time to make ERA work fo me. If new version is coming in two weeks I'd rather wait and start all over again after then. I can tell you another story about my bed experience installing ERA on Centos 7, but not today. I will wait...Alex
  10. As I wrote, it is still possible to create a local mirror using ESET's products (Endpoint, File Security, etc.). It's just that it's not a part of ERA. In the future, there should be a tool available that will download update files and store them in your http server's root folder for access via htttp from other clients. It is just workaround. As I understand I will have to install ESET software on another computer diirectly connected to internet (which is against our network policy) and have other computers in the network synchronise updates from this computer. In another words I have to setup another "server" which will manage updates. I dont think my boss will be happy to buy extra computer just for that Alex
  11. ERA v6 does not support creation of a local mirror. The feature was replaced by Apache HTTP Proxy which caches downloaded installers and update files. You may choose not to install it if you plan to use another http proxy or create a mirror using ESET Endpoint Antivirus, ESET Endpoint Security or another v6 ESET product, such as ESET File Security.Let us know what you'd need to help with specifically. If your customers like a feature in your previous version and telling you about it directly, why don't you listen to them and give them at least choice how they want to handle updates in their networks? It is OUR network and we want to handle updates delivery according OUR rules and regulations (sometimes created not even by us). Your product is doing a great job! But it is just part of OUR network. And if I, personally wouldn't be able to find the way how to use your product in my network, you will lose a customer with 100 licenses, which is really sad, because I do like your softwareAlex
  12. I am a big fan of the ESET products for several years. I am using them at home, recommending them to my friends and even convinced my boss to buy business version of ESET for the company. Unfortunately I just should agree with most people on this treat - ERA 6 is not a final product, it is not even beta. I spent approximately 4 weeks trying to make it work and I gave up. What I did not find: 1. Clean procedure how to setup office under 100 computers with 1 server getting updates from ESET sever and distributing them to client computers in the local network 2. Clean procedure how to setup customized installation package which I can deploy to client computers. (Client computers should not download anything from the internet) 3. Clean and comprehensive documentation with practical examples, where I can follow instructions and have predictable results 4. I don't want to mess up with 3-rd parties technology like proxies and web servers. We already have them and i don't want to have multiple installations. Those just give an additional holes for intruders (may be you need different products for different size of business) Now we are going to keep version 5 until end of the license or until you will have an acceptable product and search for an alternatives. I don't have neither time nor resources to setup a test lab and play with your alpha Regards Alex
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