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  1. I came in this morning and I was going to give ERA 6 one more shot before I abandon my testing. Of course I ended up with the same outcome, not working, tasks failing, activation not working, etc. Then I did some more reading in the forums and came across the post about ERA 6 taking away the local update mirror, unless you use the Apache HTTP Proxy. It blows my mind that ESET would take away all the great and simply functionality that made ERA 5 awesome for whatever you want to call version 6. My maintenance is up in July, so I'll stick with ERA 5 while I look at other products to switch t
  2. I've been using ESET since around 2006. I have always thought the Remote Administrator Console was rather simplistic, to the point, and functional. It wasn't always what I would call "pretty", but it worked and was easy to manuver. Now I am testing Remote Administrator 6 and my opinion of ESET's RA Console has just about hit rock bottom. First of all, the documentation is pretty vague, especially when it comes to pointing to a new repository. Some sort of syntax or example of what needs to be in that field would be extremely helpful. I would rather the 600+ computers download from a
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