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  1. I would like to hear if anyone with Comodo Firewall has had the same problem as I did.
  2. Well, I had these problems in two completely different machines with different configurations. One 32 bit, one 64 bit. So I can call bad luck. I'm sticking with v9 until this problem is fixed.
  3. I've installed in my two different computers with Windows 10. One 32bit without Anniversary Update, one 64 bit with Anniversary Update. First, I installed over v9 with a "Successfully installed" in both my 32 and 64 bit machines. I then could open the antivirus window and update the definitions. After a restart in both machines, the antivirus is gone. It doesn't start with Windows. It doesn't open when I click it in Start Menu. If I try to uninstall through Control Panel, I get a "can't remove ESET services" error. I uninstalled manually and the reinstalled again v10. Same problem again. It opens the antivirus window after installing but when I restart, antivirus is gone again. I manually uninstall for the second time. Then I installed v9 and everything is working as before, both in 32 and 64 bit with. I have the Comodo Firewall installed in both my computers.
  4. I have to say, the v10 antivirus is total garbage. I updated over v9 with no problems. After a restart, antivirus is gone. It doesn't start with Windows. I tried to manually uninstall, then install again v10. Same problem. I manually uninstalled for the second time and went back to v9. Didn't you tested this before sending to the customers? What bad, bad, bad launch.
  5. There seems to be a bug with NOD32 Antivirus where I have to disable SSL/TLS in settings to be able to use the Opera browser's VPN feature. This seems awkward. It should happen.
  6. same here. after reboot, ESET is gone. I have to reinstall over again.
  7. This beta version is a little bit buggy. Every time I restart my PC, ESET is gone! It doesn't start and it can't be removed. I then have to manually uninstall it using your uninstaller tool. This happens every time I restart, I've tested it 4 times just to be sure. I had to revert to v8. Sorry!
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