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  1. Thank you, successfully uninstalled it. By the way, just my opinion about the beta: - It's going to be good, however it has quite much flaw, especially with SSL (I was getting tons or errors) - I noticed somewhat slowdown even though I've got an i5 laptop - I don't like to GUI. I know it's the "trend", but I just hate this trend
  2. When I'm trying to uninstall the beta version I'm getting the following error: hxxp://i.imgur.com/hO2HkhA.png I'm trying to uninstall because it affects my performance, especially when browsing on the net. I noticed a huge slowdown with this release installed both in system & internet speed. Sometimes I even have to reload the browser because of some random error which didn't appear before. As 2503 & 2502 error means no admin mode for installer I tried to run it as admin, but still didn't help. Uninstaller didn't have permission to stop the service. Any solutions for this? At the moment I can't restart my OS into safe mode, but soon I will try that one too. By the way I've got Windows 8.1 x64 Edit: I tried to uninstall in safe mode, but uninstallation isn't possible in it.
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