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  1. Hey! have you picture on that for checked for 10 min not on slow ring but fast ring is not Announcing
  2. Hey! Is there some have tested on build 10525 of Windows 10 I runing that with 8.319.1 and hips is off
  3. Thanks i will run to that is final is great working good with Windows 10 rtm now
  4. Hey! I see in ESS 9 Beta grey on change license ! Will that change to fill in own license i got from Nod32 when is final later these year !
  5. Hey! Is there option to change to another browser an IE11 will test on Microsoft Edge!!!
  6. How I can get newer installers will test v9 on another computer have Windows 10 BUILD 10240
  7. But tryed install beta v9 could not update pga: product activation failed in windows 10 I run build 10240 Is there an newer version 9.0.111 ??
  8. I can later update to v9 when is final for Smart Securtity V9 coming later these summer well and Windows 10 is RTM now
  9. Hey! how is for Windows 10 build 10166 working that beta witth that build today. Next have an licens for v8 can use with v9 when is final or must buy new!!
  10. Run build 10130 and HIPS is paused on twitter says is coming new build these week perhaps 10134 to fast ring
  11. Hey! How can get HIPS working in Build 10074 or will not working , have to disable that module too when is working again
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