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  1. ESET should seriously consider adding application control module. various scripts should also be consider as applications and will be rated. Based on rating of applications by application control, firewall and HIPs will allow/block actions of an application.
  2. my config : windows 10 pro version 1607 x64 i have done settings to protect files in D: drive from being accessed by applications running in the computer. you can see the detail of HIPS rule here Still Aimp audio player is able to access audio file in D: drive. as you can see in pics below that there is no HIPS rule for Aimp.exe So Aimp is basically bypassing ESET HIPS rule. It means ESET HIPS does not know that Aimp is accessing file in D: drive I am aware that this type of file access exists. what i understand about it is Aimp.exe don't directly access files in hard disk. It actually asks windows OS to access files for it. From what i have noticed is that ntoskrnl.exe (NT Kernel & System ) access the files for Aimp. Similarly many other applications also accesses files in hard disk in this way and are potentially bypassing HIPS rule Interestingly ntoskrnl.exe is also not in the HIPS rule. Then why is allowed to access D: drive without asking the user.
  3. ESET keeps searching system update. But when i try to search using Windows update, no such update is found by microsoft.
  4. i have done settings in parental control to block "not categorized" websites. some application do try to connect to "not categorized" websites, and get blocked by ESET. i have added those websites to parental control exception list. i also want to submit these website to ESET so that they get categorised. What is the procedure for doing it?
  5. In Interactive mode HIPS and Firewall rule gets created. But after some time, some of the entries gets invalid because the application for which rule has been created has been uninstalled or removed. Instead of manually removing the entries there should be button which automatically remove invalid entries.
  6. in Interactive mode ESET fails to create HIPS or Firewall rule Thats when ESET interface hangs and becomes unresponsive. then either i need to log off and log on again, or restart the system, after which ESET interface becomes responsive again.
  7. firstly HIPS is set in Smart mode. additionally i created rules for HIPS to ask for permission if any application want to access files in D: drive. But it did not gets implemented until computer is restarted. I think ESET hips is blocking the upload of image file which is stored in D: drive. Check the pics hxxp://p1.pichost.me/i/79/2038530.jpg When i try to disbale HIPS, ESET asks for password. When i enter the password it takes me to HIPS setting instead of disabling the HIPS. In HIPS rule setting there should also be "File Read" operation which could be helpful in protecting files from being read by spyware. Check the pics hxxp://p1.pichost.me/i/79/2038529.jpg
  8. can you tell me what these parental control categories mean Miscellaneous not categorized not resolved
  9. Does ESET internet security 10 scans web browser addons/extension to check if it is safe or malicious?
  10. ESET has live grid that is a file reputation system. i want to know what happens when ESET encounters unknown files. Does it stop that application from running? Does ESET asks user to allow/block unknown applications from running.
  11. in eset smart security 9 , when i turn ON parental control, it slows down the opening of webpages in firefox
  12. look the product update module is connecting and sending data as well. but the activation module is just connecting to the server but not sending any data to the server. thats why activation is failing in windows 10.
  13. ekrn.exe does connect to but data length is zero also https scanner is not working properly in ESET 9 beta. Even if i disable the Https scanner, some https websites are not working properly since ESET activation is making https connection to . It may be getting disrupted by ESET itself. may be something to do with certificates
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