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  1. Sorry for the confusion, as Marcos said, this feature isn't supported on Android version 4.4 Kit Kat and above, which includes Lollipop (v5). For other users who want to use this feature with many contacts, you can create a group in your phone's contact list instead of a Google account and then select that group in EMS. Well that is exactly the problem I have right now. Since Android 5 you csn't hide contacts any.ore from the dialer app (only from the contacts app). So I don't want to have a group "blocked" since that group will always be shown in my dialer app. And when I import that group to EMS but then delete the group from my phone/google account - will it work with EMS? From tge looks of the gui it won't. Thanks
  2. Anyone? My trial time is running out soon and I am not sure if I want premium if it causes me those problems :S
  3. I noticed that ESM scans file after installation but not before installation or right after a download. As far as I know it is not possible to do real-time protection on Android but when exactly will ESM scan? After download but before execution ? Thanks Also I made a little guide on xda about Android security & privacy - I recommended ESET Premium ;-) hxxp://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-6/general/guide-little-guide-to-security-privacy-t3042460
  4. Is there maybe a file that stores the blocked contacts ? That way I could copy & paste the 57 contacts I want to block instead of adding each one-by-one ? Thanks
  5. Well I am runing Android 5.0.1 and not 4.4.x which is why I am asking ;P And a way to multi-select contacts or import contacts from a group would be nice. Right now it uses the contacts within a group but when I empty the group later then nothing will be blocked anymore? Thanks
  6. I am on Android Lollipop...is it the same as with KitKat? Also: Could you add the option to multi-select persons instead of adding one by one? Currently I have like 57 ppl I want to block, I added them to a google group and could block that group but I also want to delete them from my google account meaning the group will be empty afterwards. So I would have to add them one-by-one :/ Also: Will there be any notification when someone who is blocked calls me? Or will it be simply ignored but shown in the "block history"? Thanks
  7. Hey there, I am on a Nexus 6 with Android 5 and just installes ESM. I wanted to add some phonw/sms blocking butbESM tells me that my system doesn't support ams/mms blocking? Thanka
  8. So i strongly recommend the addition of system vulnerabilities scan + a 1 click fix option..just like cm security, avast,... I think it is a very important part?
  9. Hey there, I am curious if the security audit only checks for risky settings (e.g. debuggin on) or also checks for vulnerabilities in the system (heartbleed, fakeid,...) ? Thanks
  10. Any update on ESET and firefox? I am looking for a security softwarr that can check downloaded files and system security loopholes...then I feel like my setup is finished. Due to https-everywhere and adblock edge in firefox mobile I can't life without it. So does ESET finally support firefox? My system setup so far: Nexus 6 | Chroma ROM #latest | Franco.Kernel #latest | Security setup: Encrypted | VPN 24/7 | SuperSU to mange root | Disabled untrusted certificates (bye spying governments) | Override DNS to use NortonDNS on 2G/3G/4G/Wifi | AdAway with malwaredomainlist | App Ops to disable permissions on apps | Telegram for secure chats | Firefox with HTTPS-Everywhere & AdBlock Edge
  11. Sounded like a good idea but doesn't work :/ Even when I add "Any alert" , "both" directions.. I still get "Hidden ICMP Alert" :/
  12. Hey there, I have coded my own little tool that automatically creates an SSH-Tunnel whenever internet connectivity is given. To check for internet connectivity it uses "Ping" to my dedicated server. This is blocked by ESET. I can't really manage to make an exclusion for on single app or ip... any ideas? Thanks
  13. So it is the best solution to disable SSL protocol filtering? Is it that much broken? :/
  14. How can I disable "one single" pre-defined rule? I am talking about the svchost rule called "allow outgoing dns requests" @edit: nevermind I found it... wow was I blind I also easily managed to create my own rule to force dns requests only via dnscrypt. Thanks to ESET's easy interface
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