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  1. I think it's been fixed. A small product update got installed a few days ago without having to reboot. On three of my computers, I had to delete the disabled Windows anti-theft account, reboot, go into the anti-theft web interface and create the Windows anti-theft account again (using the same account name as prior). It's been two days and no problem with anti-theft since.
  2. I don't think we need to recreate the phantom account. It never went away. It's disabled in Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Local Users and Groups -> Users -> [phantom account name]. Don't bother enabling it yet. It will automatically become disabled again in as little as a few minutes and anti-theft will be disabled again.
  3. Why not release an intermediate patch now? All four of my Windows 10 computers with EIS are having the problem. In the mean time, I have no theft protection. Theft protection I paid for, as a key feature of EIS.
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