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  1. Hello, We got to troubles with very slow Internet banking pages of "Komercni Banka". So I found option for adding web site to list of controlled pages with option where to show page - In common or in secured browser. But this does not work! Probably of precedence of hardcoded banks list? I don't understand why this function (several years implemented on home grade variants of ESET AV) is crippled this way in business variants. On home product there are three option use/ask/don't use. Here is "ask" option omitted and custom list is overloaded by hardcoded list of banks...
  2. Update: it seems now problem is fixed and last files have right date and will refresh all caches... But it is good to know - dont trust ESET update mechanism (complicated, unefective and fragile) - if long time from last update passed - try to clean caches and check updates version on ESET pages: hxxp://www.virusradar.com/en/update/info/
  3. Hello, Today evening (about 18:20 GMT) there something wrong happened to date setting on servers for generation of control files for virus database updates. From this time RAR files have datestamp 2 days shifted to past. Date of packed config files is correct (in fact update.ver is RAR archive containing also update.ver file but text formated (BTW screwed idea!). As result update.ver stops to propagate to ESET products. I did not check all versions but at mimimum V5 and V6 products are afected. ESET products will not update until someone fixes timestamp or until file date goes over last do
  4. Most of long time users of Firewall included ESET Products know this bug. I got it again on just freshly installed W81 HP Notebook, almost no software, no HP crapware. After few days of usage of EES latest version BUG saluted me "HI dear friend, I never die, I am eternal!!!". So let me ask, is writing simple flat table of rules as complex task? Sincerely long time Eset partner, more and more sad....
  5. NOT FIXED YET?! Lot of time from reporting problem. ESET Support confirmed that it is fixed in module update in V7 and V8. But still no fix in V5. May be special care for bussines version?? Let me remind that BUG IS DESTRUCTIVE. Developers made fix. But somwhwere in ESET release processes something screeches. BUG crashes PC. Even worse - source of crash - ESET module is hidden. PLEASE if you can URGE release of Internet module V1167 or newer!!! So if anybody have problem with Thinderbird/whole PC crash which disapears after switching IMAP/ESET filter off, let know,
  6. May be its typo? Latest Pre module available in update servers seems to be 1167, not 1177. It seems switching to Test release solved problem, but may be it disapeared because uncommon message which crashes EES IMAP filter was deleted. As I mentioned - crash apeared about three times in last month...on two different machines. My theory is that source of crash is on messages with cyrilic encoding, but I am not sure. We receive russian messages rarely mostly as spam... But even if Test solves problem, is it safe to switch to test updates whole company? We are upset because problem is heavy de
  7. I got exactly same problem on one user installation. It seems ESET mail body parser corrupts its data structures and from some point corrupts body request and Thunderbirs falls to infinite loop with more and more allocated memory with nested body request (instead of skipping of failed message)... It was very hard to catch, because users PC allways crashed on memory exhausted by Thuderbird (it gots all of 2GB RAM memory at about 1 minute)....I was not there on it and after restart all worked, until user tries to get malformed message. So it tooks several weeks, with lot of stress!!!
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