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  1. If I add Chrome to the exclude application modification list, it works properly. It does seem this is the issue. I appreciate your help today!
  2. Hello All, The log collection for 1 day is 150mb so I'm unable to upload. Nightowl, you are correct. It is only Chrome related. I never could get it to prompt me, even under interaction mode. But, on the current workstation I'm trying to fix I click default and everything is working properly. About to try it on another PC and not sure how long this will last of course.
  3. Here is an example from one of the pcs. So far I'm at 6 different companies have the same issue. It has to be something more causing it.
  4. Google.com, Gmail.com, Yahoo.com, and then several sites that are unique to their industry. It just started yesterday and is happening today to several customers and several pcs. The only solution has been to disable the firewall module and it starts to work.
  5. Over the last couple of days, several customers are having key websites blocked by ESET firewall. As soon as the firewall is disabled, it works. This is happening on 7.x and 8.x. Is anyone else seeing this and have a solution yet? Thanks, Mark
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