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  1. I have also seen the same problem trying to install onto a Windows 8.1 Dell XPS 8700 64 bit. The freeze at 59% has been repeatable on that computer. As you state, the install will not finish. A hard restart results with ESS showing in the task bar with a red warning that it is not protecting the computer. ESS does not show up in the list of installed programs and cannot be uninstalled normally. Instead of uninstall tool I restored from backup. Note, no other security programs installed on computer and functions perfectly without ESS 8. While ESS will not install on the mentioned computer, NOD32 will install without problem and function as expected.
  2. From my experience, ESS7 and ESS8 both block system restore from completing. IF you disable ESS, it automatically gets re-enabled when the re-boot that is part of system restore occurs. This re-enabling is what blocks the file that causes system restore to fail. What I have seen is that both ESS7 and 8 must be uninstalled for system restore to complete successfully in Windows 8.1 and 8.1.1. To me this is a bug that should be corrected by ESET, you should not have to uninstall antivirus for a system function to complete.
  3. For six months I have been running ESS7, ESS8 beta and ESS 8 on three different Windows 8.1 X64 machines. During that period I have several occasions to use system restore on those machines. In each instance system restore would appear to run successfully but after rebooting and running, an error message appeared indicating that system restore failed because it could not read a file. The message would indicate that the likely cause was the file was blocked by the antivirus installed. The message said to stop the antivirus and retry system restore. I would stop ESS and rerun system restore. The result each time was system restore would fail again with the same messages appearing. After seeing these failures, I would uninstall ESS, retry system restore and it would run successfully. It appears that all three of the above listed ESS versions do something that blocks system restore from running. I have presently uninstalled ESS from all machines and reverted to Windows Defender. There are now no system restore issues. Anyone else seen this conflict between ESS and system restore on Windows 8.1 64bit?
  4. Installed on three computers, on two I uninstalled ESET 7 SS and installed ESET 8. On one I installed over the top of ESET 7 SS. No issues on any of them so far.
  5. I recently purchased and installed ESS on three machines, two SSD's and one not, all Windows 8.1. All three machines on cold boot get the same error showing in GUI but not taskbar icon. All three machines get updated by the next scheduled update done by ESS and then the error disappears. I did not see the error during the trial period for some reason, only after purchase. Odd...
  6. Installed Beta 7 today on Vizio ultrabook. It is running great. It is the first time I have used Eset's function to locate a lost or stolen ultrabook. I registered and ran the test of the program and it worked perfectly. It is a great tool. Five thumbs up. (Top rating)
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