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  1. Hi There, I wonder why you are knocking VISTA ULTIMATE?? I have tried AVG, no problem.. I have tried KASKESPY, a long time ago.. Also I had no problem with AVAST, FULL prog... It seem's to me that ESET is the only one that is having a problem that I am using an older version, what about Win XP, most of the business i know are still using Win XP.... Very Scary. Please get with it! ~Verne~ p.s. for some reason the program updated itself.....VERY VERY STRANGE!!!
  2. Hi Scr, You are DEAD ON, That is where the updates thingy should be...right on the Tray.. If we want to update the Virus Updates we should have a choice...not the way it is now...nothing but RED, RED, and more RED...I am getting to hate this prog.. ~Verne~
  3. Hi, Please don't BLOAT this program like avast did. That's why I switched from avast to Eset. Just one small thing I would LOVE to see is the option to update the program thru the tray icon instead of having to do through the GUI, ~Verne~
  4. I agree 100% that this is quite serious if one never checks the GUI. With the tray Icon remaining normal one would never know that you are not getting Virus Updates unless you checked which should not be necessary especially when you paid for the protection. The protection should be automatic without having to check the GUI several times a day to be sure you are protected! ~Verne~
  5. Hi Arakas, Guess what I already tried a "delayed start" to ESET to no avail, of course it did not work! Also I thought I had it solved yesterday but that did not work either. As long as I can do the "manual update" it will have to stay the way it is... Thanks fellows for your help! ~Verne~
  6. Hi there, I think I have finally fixed this problem on Windows Vista Ultimate... I would love to tell you what I did but I will wait another day or so and see if I really did! I will let you know...I did have Avast Security on here before but it got away TOO Bloated for me. ~Verne~
  7. Thanks fellows, I have tried all of the above except run a "Complete Internet Repair" I don't want to go that route. It appears it is a timing problem all right. It only happens when I put the computer to "sleep" I do not use Hibernate, it also appears to be OK when I do a complete shutdown then turn the box back on. I have UNCHECKED "Let Windows save power etc" this does not help as well as clearing the cache. I will just live with it and do the updates manually, no big deal, and just hope a new version of Eset will fix it! Thanks, ~Verne~
  8. Hi There, I posted quite a while ago and the Auto Updates worked for a little while (2 days) then whenever I open the computer this is what I get: Visrus signature database ended with an error. That is shown in RED. HOWEVER... when I go to update manually, it works just fine... It has been like this for the last month or so... I have no problem doing it manually but it kind of bothers me that SOMETIMES it will Auto Update and other times it will not... The prog. just shows the RED error. I have tried clearing the Cache, I did the network thing, I did a reinstall from the disk and then I tried a reinstall from this site...Nothing works.. I am running Vista Ultimate on this Box, also have an iMac... but I love Windows and cannot figgure out why this is happening! Thanks,,, ~Verne~
  9. Hi there, Thanks a lot for your help. I don't know which one did the trick, I tried them all and one of them worked! Great! ~Verne~
  10. Hi Arakasi, I think that would work...I tried finding that link, but BBQ time in BC is now.. I remember seeing that panel and will try and find it...thank you very much for that link..meanwhile I am still getting the same thing when an update comes but it is no big deal... AVAST was away worst... thanks! ~Verne~
  11. Hi Marcos, I have no idea about the second attempt etc...when it does occur is when I have put the computer to sleep and come back maybe a couple of hours later and open ESET GUI, that's when I see the error. In other words it looks like ESET is trying an auto update while the computer is in the SLEEP mode and cannot make an internet connection. Note that I have no problem connecting to the Internet at any time. I cleaned the Cache/Rebooted/reentered my username and password, so will wait and see what happens in the next few hours! Thanks for all your help. ~Verne~
  12. Thanks Tomface and moderators. Will check out the knowledge base. Also I can manually get updates no problem and the error thing goes away. It seems like when an auto update happens, that's when the error happens. No big deal, I can manually update if that's what it takes. ~Verne~
  13. Hi there, Here is a screenshot of the error that ESET comes up with due to an update. I wonder if someone can help me get rid of this? Thanks. ~Verne~
  14. Hi there, I am new to ESET having had Avast for a long time, lately they have become "Bloatware". I have been having some problems with updates...there is a RED line that comes on I think it has to do with Noscript, I am not sure. I am going to watch it for a while and see what transpires! ~Verne~
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