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  1. Description:Network device/more choices Details:In connected home-click on device-the type of device there should be more choices,example:Home Security system,smart plug,thermostat,etc or atleast iot device.
  2. Problem was handled through eset support.all is good When i sign into my eset there is a device listed in my license manager that i dont know or own.I have not givin out my license to anyone and when i deactivate this device it goes away but comes back after a little while?Its counting against my installs.
  3. I can log on to my.eset,com but when i go to anti theft i get an error(screenshot)?Is it down or just me?
  4. Here we go again.Bought my son a windows 8 computer and tried to install smart security on it and the same driver problem.ive tried 4 times to install and no good.Eset you need to fix smart security as there is a driver issue with windows 8.I dont have time to go back and fourth with support when im trying to install a product i paid for.I can install nod32 just fine as its smart security that has serious issues,FIX It.
  5. Like i said in earlier posts,installed failed at installing drivers so i couldnt use eset.After removing that driver i was able to install ess and am now using without any problems.Without removing it,i wouldnt have eset installed.
  6. I finally got time to do a remote session and was able to get ess installed on all my computers.The tech said there was a driver that needed to be deleted so the install would complete(eset driver).Thanks eset support,great.
  7. I tried the offline installer and it did not work.I just tried my other laptop with offline installer and it gets stuck at installing drivers again.Ill try and do a remote session with them when i get time.
  8. Got on a remote connection with eset and the install again stopped at installing drivers.The tech said it was late in the day and they were leaving for the day,to get back to them tommorrow.I wanted to see if it had anything to do with my laptops wireless connection so i disabled the wireless adapter in control panel and connected the laptop through ethernet cord.I was able to install eset smart security with no problems?I will try my other laptop to see if it works that way also.
  9. sent to support,will let ya know what happens,thanks
  10. Thanks for replying but i have no intention of using nod32 as i bought this to use the internet security.If i dont get this to work i will move on to a internet security suite from another vendor that actually works.
  11. I there an issue with ess and windows 8.1 64?Im trying to install it on 2 of my hp laptops(windows 8.1 64 bit)and it gets to 59% installing drivers and sits there going no further,even if i hit cancel it does nothing?When i reboot windows ess is not listed in windows uninstall but pops up in system tray saying everything is disabled?I have to go into safe mode with your uninstall tool to get rid of eset.I installed on my windows 7 64 bit no problem at all?
  12. Thanks for the link,i changed it to wpa2
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