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  1. No fix for the general "freezing" problem and lag problem with windows update? Yes it fixes it, it does mention windows update fix in the log
  2. Its on the UK download site hxxp://www.eset.co.uk/Download/Software/Product/ESSH Changelog here hxxp://www.eset.co.uk/Download/ChangeLog/ESSH
  3. It was a PCU update for me, I just did a check for product update
  4. All the beta versions of 9 worked for me good, it was only the final release candidate that had the problems. Don't forget all versions prior to 9 had the SSL filtering turned off by default, in 9 its turned on by default. So version 8 might of had the problem but I personally never had it because I never turned it on in 8 and prior! Problem still there with new build (349)
  5. No, I don't think Eset know what the root cause of this problem is yet, I've never had this option turned on before with previous versions, so can't comment on weather the fault was long standing or not, but I was a beta tested from first release and never had the problem till the final release candidate!...the same goes for the lag and slowdown etc, that seems to have been pinpointed to a driver. (eamonm.sys)
  6. Yes when you uninstall Eset it automatically removes the certificate from that section! I still have the problem, Eset UK support failed to find the problem/answer even after remote assistance, so for now I have the whole ssl/tls protocol filtering turned off, and this was also stopping access to web sites which has already been documented elsewhere. I am hoping the new build when it finally arrives cures these problems! Oh I must just add.....it does in fact appear that the root certificate is in fact installed, regardless of the error message, so it is there!
  7. Any firm date for this now, its been 2 weeks today, since your post I for one am desperately awaiting this new build!
  8. even with protection paused and firewall paused, eset still stops it!
  9. Eset still detects the Eicar test file with the updated driver installed for me
  10. OMG!...this updated driver cures all my lag related issues I've been seeing with my pc since installing ESS9, CCleaner now superfast, windows update check speed "normal", and no general lag!...what a difference 1 file can make!
  11. There are quite a few sites that wont work for me with ssl/tls filtering on, so I have to have it turned off......2 main ones that I use are spamhero.com and google.co.uk search! No messing with settings in IE11 get them working without turning it off in ESS
  12. Hi, well at every computer restart I keep getting the same error window pop up, so something Is not right.......yes re-installing IE is an option but don't wish to go down that route just yet
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