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  1. Yep. I've had a reply and have provided log files with the problem demonstrated. Currently running with Cyber Security removed on both my Macs.
  2. I have just raised a ticket. I think I have been having the same issue from today on two Macs in my home. I have had to uninstall Eset Cyber Sec to restore internet connectivity. As you say, email is OK, some sites work, but sites like BBC and SkyNews become virtually inaccessible. My OneDrive sync also hangs/goes very slowly.
  3. I believe this is happening to other people. I have been testing a few bits with the guys at Eset but, as yet, no fix. I've stayed on version 5 for the last few weeks because v6 is so prone to hanging. Hope the Eset developers sort it out soon. I'd prefer to be on the latest version but it's just unusable on the two Macs in my house.
  4. Hi Peter It has been submitted - Jonathan has the full details and all logs.
  5. In many ways, it's good to hear others are experiencing this as it means I am probably not going mad...well, not on this basis at least! More time has passed since my original post and both my iMac and my son's MacBook Pro have been on version 5. In that time, I have experienced no blips in my surfing. So, Eset...looks like this one is over to you. It looks like 'planet' offers a little more insight than I had and some starters for a technical investigation. I'll stay on v5 until there's a new version to test - it looks like v6 isn't quite right.
  6. Hi all It's good to see version 6.0.13 has addressed the crashes that a number of us have been experiencing. My system is certainly not crashing any more so that’s a step forward. However, I have noticed another issue which I want to ask others if they have seen it. It took me a few days before I realised it was happening but the frequency was so great that I know something is not right. Then my son told me this had recently started happening on his Macbook Pro. So, what's happening? In short, during normal internet browsing on my iMac, occasionally it 'hangs' and takes up to 15 seconds to
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