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  1. Hi, I run esets 4.5.5 on a few debian/linux machines with Mail Security & File Security licences, and with sendmail as MTA. Instead of having Eset to clean mails by deleting infected attachments, I would like it to just reject the mail. How should I? I tried to put the following in esets.cfg: action_av_deleted = "reject" But mails are still cleand and accepted with "cleaned by deleting" in mail body. How can I set esets to just reject those mails? Best regards
  2. Anyway, sure, it happens. Thanks once again for the quick fix & have a nice week-end!
  3. Ok, I can confirm it's solved now: I updated the cache, restarted the Mac, put port 80 back and it still let me see http websites at normal speed. Thank you ESET team for quick fix (And shame on you for the bug ) BTW; I found rss feed for press releases, but not for alerts. Isn't a rss feed for alerts?
  4. This morning, my Mac started to be very very slow on web, but mails, ssh & co were not affected. Later I noticed that https traffic was not affected. A few checks later, I replaced the -default- "80,8080,3128" in Prefs/Web protection/Ports used by HTTP with "8080,3128". Instantly, my web browsers came back fast; I repaired the web ESET Cyber Security OS X 10.11.3 Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari Hope you will fix this fast, since I am no longer protected. Best regards Lol Zimmerli SysCo
  5. Hi, after upgrading to 10.9, still with ESET 5, no problem. Panic crash/reboot started after upgrading to 6. One computer crashed when I was away, so nobody was surfing the net and the computer did not woke up (It never sleeps, as configured in system prefs). If I killed all of eset ( sudo pkill -9 eset ) the computer stopped crashing until next reboot. I finally downgraded to ESET 5, and no more crash. Here's one crash as recorded by the panic log: hxxp://www.lzi.ch/eset/Kernel_2014-04-21-203910_egg.panic And here's the actual (with ESET 5) system_profile's result: hxxp://www.lzi.ch/eset/system_profiler.txt HTH Best regards
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