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  1. Yes sir. I still do not know what is causing this issue. Unfortunately I have uninstalled ESET and installed another product. That product seems to update in the background with no issue. Maybe I will open up a ticket with ESET. Thanks for your help.
  2. Before I go to work, I hit the Windows Key and L to lock it. It is a local account, I don't log into an MS account or anything. When I get home at night it is indeed locked. I wake up the monitors and I am at the lock screen and need to enter my password.. Everything is as I have left it from the morning and ESET is already in the taskbar. After a short while, it will then update after I have unlocked the logon screen to get back to the desktop. In all the years I have run ESET, this has never happened.
  3. But I am logged into it. It is just locked. ESET has always updated regardless of being logged in or off of a workstation. Both at home and at work where I run ESET.
  4. Yes. I did notice last night that if I am logged in, it will update on schedule. If I lock my PC and walk away, it is during those times that it will not update. Strange.
  5. Hi @itman Thanks for your reply. I should have mentioned that I went through all of that last night. All is ok. No errors in the logs. Scheduler is also fine. It did it again today. Updated this morning when I fired it up. No updates were run at all today in the background. EIS did update when I logged back into my account, but all day during the day, no updates. Not even an attempt. I should also mention as a fun fact. This is a desktop. I do not enable Webcam protection (since I do not own one) nor Anti-Theft. It is puzzling as this has never happened to me bef
  6. Hi everyone, I am a long time ESET user but was not able to log into my old account. Had to create a new one. I am running the latest version of EIS Version The problem is I turn on my PC in the morning and EIS auto updates the signatures. Then when I come home at night to unlock my desktop and I check EIS to see if it has been updated, it has not. The gui will state that is has not been updated from the early morning when I was last using it. This is my home PC so it is not in use during the day while I am at work. It only seems to update when I force the upd
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