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    ThomasH gave kudos to Marcos in No sorting? In firewall editor window... and more...   
    We value any constructive feedback from users. The program, including the firewall and rule editor, is subject to further development. Users can request features via their local ESET distributors and if there's a demand for a specific feature, we seriously consider it for implementation. Our goal is to tailor the product and its functionalities to the needs and liking of our users and this is what we've been doing for years - listen to our users and develop the products also based on users' feedback.
    As for sorting rules, this is indeed tracked as an improvement and should be implemented in future versions.
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    ThomasH gave kudos to Annon in Bug with Firewall module when using Interactive Mode (EIS)   
    I can confirm this is still happening as of Sadly I didnt learn about this thread until -after- the reboot, and im not eager to force reboot my system -again- to re-create it. I may attempt a solution to re-created made by VW0000 in the previous thread(re-copies below) to see if that helps. I can also confirm this happens with the webcam protection dialogues as well. That in particular suggests this is connected to basically the entire dialogue box system across the whole software, and that is a critical error that cannot be let go.

    This is going to another security provider levels of untenable. I cannot abide by this going alone quietly. Especially since it's been happening for two version now over several months.

    Edit: Thank you for New_style for the information from other security options
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    ThomasH gave kudos to labynko in Future changes to ESET Endpoint programs   
    Description: in ESET Endpoint Security, in the firewall rule settings, when selecting an application, add the ability to use a template
    Detail: many network applications change their path when updated, such as WhatsApp, Opera's update checker, and many others.
    C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Programs\Opera\95.0.4635.46\opera_autoupdate.exe C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Programs\Opera\94.0.4606.65\opera_autoupdate.exe
    The template could look, for example, as follows:
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