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    KGAIBERIA received kudos from maniel in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Description: show username of computer on default lists.
    Detail: when you logon on ESET MSC and go to default tab "general information", if you click on first 4 icons (all computers, right computers, attention required or risk computers) the displayed lists can not display a column with the username of the computer.
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    KGAIBERIA gave kudos to Marcos in Update Eset Security Management Center Virtual Appliance   
    The steps tell the same, ie. to send an ESMC component upgrade task:
    Upgrade process (alternative way to upgrade)
    Upgrading ERA or older ESMC to the latest ESMC on the same VA does not upgrade other VA software (operating system, packages needed for proper functioning of ESMC Server). We recommend that you migrate the server after the pure upgrade.
    Upgrade the VA using Components Upgrade task:
    1.Upgrade ESMC Server first.
    2.Upgrade a ESET Management Agents sample group.
    3.If the upgrade of the sample is successful and Agents are still connecting, continue with the rest of the Agents.
    As the notice says, the ESCM component upgrade task won't update the OS and other non-ESET components so it makes sense to perform also migration according to the KB, however, it's not mandatory.
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    KGAIBERIA gave kudos to Marcos in ESET SMC virtual appliance repository only shows one Linux product   
    There's one entry because you have one ESMC server that you select there. ESMC component upgrade task updates only ESMC components, not ESET security products.
    In order to upgrade security products (Endpoint, ESET File Security,...) you will have to send a software install task with the appropriate product selected to clients.
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