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  1. Good morning, I am using ESET Virtual Appliance. I am following this documentation to change my Active Directory connection to LDAPS https://help.eset.com/protect_deploy_va/80/en-US/configure_ldaps_connection_to_a_domain.html As prerequisite you said " Prerequisites •Set up LDAPS on the Domain Controller - make sure to export the DC Certification Authority public key. " My problem is that when I try to export the domain controller certificate, the option "export public key" is dissabled. can I use this certificate on the VA Server? My Domain Controller is a Windows Server where I installed AD CS. Thank you
  2. Description: password manager for enterprise users. Detail: I think that this feature is only avalaible for home users
  3. Description: better management about console alerts "reboot computer is needed" . Detail: When you deploy a new version of ESET Enpoint Security and you do not enable "restart computer automatically without prompt" the red alert "reboot computer needed" is added to console. If user turno off computer, the alert does not be deleted. When user turn off computer and turn on again, this alert should disappear. Same issue with other alerts like "device control is not totally ready", "a reboot is recommended after update ESET", etc... This problem cause that my console shows lot of alerts that are really solved because user turn-off computer
  4. Description: show BIOS version on details of the computer. Detail: on the general info screen of a computer, you can see lot of information about computer (Operative System, computer model, serial number, etc...) would be very usefull display the bios version too and would be great if also can advice if Bios version is out of date or in risk (same as you do now with OS updates). Manteinance of BIOS is also part of the security
  5. Description: hide domain name on username of computer. Detail: when you display the column "username" of a computer, it is fisplayed on the format domain\username. The domain name consums a lot of space when the domain name is large. Could be great and option to hide the domain name or show on a separate column.
  6. Description: show username of computer on default lists. Detail: when you logon on ESET MSC and go to default tab "general information", if you click on first 4 icons (all computers, right computers, attention required or risk computers) the displayed lists can not display a column with the username of the computer.
  7. Done! Thank you very much Marcos. Then when should I follow steps about ESMC VA upgrade ?
  8. When web console notify a new product update on ESMC and I am using ESET SMC Virtual Appliance, how should I proceed to? According to online documentation about ESMC VA upgrade It is neccesary download a new VHD updated. Is it right or these steps are needed for another kind of update? I should not click on the UPDATE button displayed on the web console notification? It is my first ESMC upgrade since I started using Virtual Appliance and I want to be sure about how to proceed. Thanks a lot
  9. Thanks for your reply @itman, Perhaps I should said previously that I am using recommended ESET ransomware prevention policies (Antivirus and Firewall). I was working with powershell before installing ESET with no problem. Finally I solve the problem adding a rule on network protection > firewall configuration witch allow LAN access to powershell. For security reasons I applied this last rule only to computers where this option is needed.
  10. Thank you for your support. Now my management agent is up to date on my server 😄
  11. Thank you @Marcos, The Management Agent that I want to update is installed on a Windows Server but if i select "Security Management Center Components Upgrade", when I click on choose server, there is only listed the Linux version (because is the version installed on ESET SMC Virtual Appliance). Should I select my ESET SMC linux server? I think this step is a bit confusing because I understand that I should select the same SO that I have installed on the machine that I want to upgrade. Perhaps my problem is that previously I was using ESMC installed on a Windows computer...
  12. @Marcos I have readed on the forum that for an management agent update is needed a "component upgrade task" but when I try to create a new one this option is not listed (see screenshoot attached) I an working with ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.2 (7.2.2233.0) and ESET Security Management Center (Web Console), Version 7.2 (
  13. Thank you Marcos for your reply! I created a Software installation pack selecting as Package to install: "ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server" and applied it to the server but Management agent continues outdated even after restart. Did I select the wrong task?
  14. Hi, when I tried to execute a ps1 file from local network on a laptop, ESET HIPS block it for security reasons. It is great, but I need execute some secure powershell files. Path file is for example Z:\Powershell files\psfile.ps1 How I can add an exclusion that allow execute some powershell files? I am not sure if the correct steps are create a new policy applied to ESET Endpoints and under Configuration > Engine detection > HIPS > HIPS configuration > Rules. In afirmative case, How to add a rule that allow a specific powershell file? I clicked on add rule Name = Allow PSFILE Action = allow Enable "Applications" Enable "Enabled" click Next. On Source application select specific application and added C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe. Next Enable "start new application" Next Select Specific application and add the psfile path "Z:\Powershell files\psfile.ps1" Click finish Then apply the policy to my computer. Now when I execute the psfile, a powershell windows is opened but no action is done... Thanks a lot
  15. Hi, I am just working with ESMC virtual appliance. I want to create a Management Security Center upgrade task because I want to update Agent on a Windows File Security server but on Configuration step, when I click on "Select a server" only one option is showed: ESET Security Management Center Server 7.2.2233.0 for linux CENTOS en_US hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/era/server/linux/v7/7.2.2233.0/server_linux_x86_64.sh.changelog.html hxxp://repository.eset.co How can I add other security products to the repository (File Security, Windows Endpoint, etc)? Thank you
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