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ESET SMC virtual appliance repository only shows one Linux product

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I am just working with ESMC virtual appliance.

I want to create a Management Security Center upgrade task because I want to update Agent on a Windows File Security server but on Configuration step, when I click on "Select a server" only one option is showed: 

ESET Security Management Center Server  7.2.2233.0   for linux  CENTOS en_US   hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/era/server/linux/v7/7.2.2233.0/server_linux_x86_64.sh.changelog.html   hxxp://repository.eset.co 

 How can I add other security products to the repository (File Security, Windows Endpoint, etc)?

Thank you


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There's one entry because you have one ESMC server that you select there. ESMC component upgrade task updates only ESMC components, not ESET security products.

In order to upgrade security products (Endpoint, ESET File Security,...) you will have to send a software install task with the appropriate product selected to clients.

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