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  1. Hi, did a third clean install of windows on the same machine. Downloaded the new version from ESET PROTECT with EMA and EES with the same policies applied and it doesn't even finish installing. Is there same with a could contact someone more directly? We are ESET Bronze partners. Thanks.
  2. Yes, exactly... it's really strange. Now I have 4 machines in this situation. Two of them only with the EMA without de Endpoint Security due to the high delay on each startup. The thing is, I don't really know which process or service or module is the one that hangs and stays like this por at least 30min depending on the machine. The only thing I can really see is that, you first boot the computer, login with the user in Windows as usually and the are 3 process, ERAAgent.exe, eguiproxy.exe and the ESET Service. Half an hour later egui.exe starts, shows the startup dialog, the taskbar icon appears and everything starts working again.
  3. Hi, I've been dealing with this for a while now and can't seem to figured out. The main GUI (egui.exe) takes 30min or more depending on the machine to start. The Windows explorer.exe fails to do a lot of things, reading remote directores, opening local files, the taskbar hangs until you kill all the explorer.exe files. I've read a lot of articles, tried uninstalling EES and EMA locally, trough PROTECT, reinstall locally and through PROTECT. Clean Windows 10 and 11 install. Recently a Lenovo laptop that was working thing, out of the air it started making this problem. I'm clueless since it appears to be with *some* devices but not others, same policy applied to a group of devices that are all different make and model... some fails other no. I'm open to any suggestion to try out. Thanks.
  4. Solved... the server.xml from tomcat9 was missing some custom settings, assumed due to the migration from ESMC 8 to EP 9 and.
  5. Furthermore, the most interesting thing is: The era server is on Site A, most of the time I use the console from Site B. Both sites are connected trough an IPSec tunnel over standard ISP internet connections. Site A has 300/300 over FTTH and Site B has 300/30 over HFC, both services are pretty reliable with medium latency around 25ms. When using the console within the same Site A network, the failures of loading the data of the dashboard or the policies is really low, like 1/5 will fail. When doing the same over Site B, 3/5 will likely fail. Could it be a timeout value, somewhere on the tomcat settings or the war folder? The tomcat9/server.xml file content is:
  6. Martin, the services doesn't crash, as you can see on "eset-services.status" file. eraagent and eraserver had been running for over a week, tomcat had to be restarted due to certificate renewal. server/trace.log consoleApi.log either is issue with editing policies reproducible? - yes, it happens with all the policies that I have Is it some specific policy type / setting that triggers these problems? - I don't think so because it even happens creating blank policies or editing the default ones What is actually recovery method you used to make it work again - just relogin? or Apache Tomcat service has to be restarted? - most of the time none of them, just go to another page and go back a couple of seconds later. - ex: when editing policy A it fails as mentioned, just click on Tasks, it load all the Tasks, go back to editing the policy 5-10 seconds later and it works fine. This approach doesn't work with the Dashboard, when it fails to load it can take a couple page reloads until it fully shows the graphs. I can't seem to find a workaround to make it display the graphs all the time like the policies do.
  7. Hello, I'm having a kind of weird issue with the graphs of the dashboard plus sudden "crash" that reads Something went wrong, usually when editing policies. Also when creating tasks it fails with "Failed to create task". I'll try to give as much context as possible, please ask anything i'm missing. The ESET Protect is running on an Ubuntu 20.04 LXC with 6 cores and 6Gb of RAM on top of Proxmox 7. The DB is running MySQL 8.0.27 on another Debian 11 LXC with 12 cores and 6Gb of RAM on the same server. The shared storage is a RAIDZ2 with SSDs. The version of all the components are: When editing any of the policies, usually fails with: (document and url are truncated) When the dashboard doesn't load, the tomcat logs shows: I'm open to providing more information and doing some testing since I understand that this is it not a common scenery. Thanks.
  8. Option 2, license interval check set to automatic seems to solve de problem.
  9. @Kamilos did this worked for you? In the case that it worked, did you changed something else? Thanks.
  10. @Marcos is there something to test or try? Upgraded the same clients to 9.0.2032.2 and the problem persists. As mentioned there isn't firewall, proxy or any other block at dns level.
  11. Hi @Marcos, there is no restrictions on outgoing traffic. DNS query for epns.eset.com resolves to: Telnet to epns.eset.com connects from the server and the clients as shown on the attachments.
  12. Hello, I'm having this same issue after updating some clients to version 9.0. The diagnostics log "iris.epns.0.log" shows this: After reading this and other posts I doubled checked the proxy config on the Agent and the Endpoint and it not set. Attached are some screenshots showing the config for reference. There isn't any proxy or firewall at the network level, all outgoing connections are allowed for this testing. If you need any more information I'm open to provide it. Thanks in advance.
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