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  1. thank you so much, I spend few hours on Eset tutorial and so far it is fixed I will see what happen next
  2. that correct it is modem from my IP and is connected by cable it is cable modem. I do not have separate router
  3. Iman thank you so much mine is Hitron and does not have advanced option , the old one had it , I remember changing options with help of my IP , I will call them today , Can not this option, even went through all option. thank you so much. At least I know now what is going on;)
  4. Itman I will contact my IP thank you , yes i have modem but i do not want to mess it up.
  5. I got into my router but there is nothing like ignore In your router, I would look for a setting that is something like "Don't respond to ping requests from the WAN", which literally means "Ignore ICMP requests from the internet". It should be in the firewall section of your router. I have few tabs; system information, then DOCSIS Provisioning, DOCSIS WAN, Docsis event, a lot of warnings there, then wireless , with info about my connection, then Moca info , there is not spot to block ICMP ping, I am complete newbie with all this, how do I fix it Thank you for the links, they expl
  6. I have two computers in house, and I am getting on my PC the message from Eset internet security: " Network threat blocked. ICMP Flood Attack. A computer on the network is sending malicious traffic. this can be an attempt to attack your computer. The threat was blocked. " It is constant, I can not find anything her on forum. Maybe i am not looking the right way. Any ideas?
  7. Yes , installed without any problem made a phantom windows account , works perfectly on both computers, It is much faster than nod32 you download from the link the seller provides , I emailed the link to other computer, downloaded IS and activated, All process took like ten minutes they had subtract the difference in the price
  8. the same problem, it is updating modules for ever and get the same as others, it will not go so far as asking for password it does nothing
  9. thank you Marcos I guess it is the same software for all windows
  10. In few days I need to get get nod 32 for two computers one for W10 one for W7 . It is going to be 2 devices for 3 years. I do have it on my W7. What is I need to do to get the products, Do I need a new licence, or new one. I would apreccciate the info, I can not find the answer in knowledge base . Thank you
  11. Thank you somehow I fixed it , so not long applied , Will check the thread for the future "problems" Thank you again.
  12. Hi, I noticed that after restarting computer my esset did not load, and the icon from notification area is gone, If I want to check the program I need to go to all programs. I would appreciate some help , and yes it set up to show Icon and notification but it is not.
  13. I am running two of them and I had not notice any slow downs. Nod is great and it my 5th year of using it and MB premium is great also, they work together very well.
  14. Happy New Year everyone, be blessed having save computer with Esset ))
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