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  1. Did that, but after a reboot the new version suddenly installed by itself, I've no idea how that happened. But at least it seems to work now. I've done it this way several times before and never had issues like this using that method of installing updates. Although I vaguely remember a similar issue with ESS on a different computer with XP, but back then I didn't need to go to safemode to do a thorough removal of ESS.
  2. I did that this morning, but not before also installing updates for Windows, Office, VMWare Workstation, Adobe Reader and Multisim. Unfortunately things didn't go as I expected. Before the reboot, the new version of ESS was working. After the reboot: Error communicating with kernel. I used the uninstaller in the startmenu hoping to do a clean install, but it couldn't delete everything due to some "insufficient privileges". After a reboot, ESS was no longer in the startmenu and also no longer in the list of installed programs/updates, but it was visible in the systray and listed in the
  3. Well, ESET seems to be working, so I'm gonna wait with rebooting, have to install a bunch of Windows+software updates anyway. I don't want to reboot every time a program gets an update....
  4. I used the offline installer and had it install the new version over the previous one (that I did not delete first), now it's nagging about a reboot....
  5. Hmm, talk about timing Now waiting for the build-in updater to offer it.
  6. Any idea when this bug will be fixed? It's been there for months....
  7. This problem still exists in ESS 7.0.302.26 and Total Commander 8.51a also gets blocked till I add it to the "applications excluded from modification detection" list.
  8. Had the same problem. After Chrome updated itself about a week a go, ESS started blocking traffic. When I set ESS to exclude C:\Users\Bart\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe at "applications excluded from modification detection" for that process, Chrome immediately started working normal again. No reboot required. ESS never gave me a warning about this.
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