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  1. I insist on this : this is a problem that is specific to the iPad and the iPhone. There's absolutely no issue with the very same messages when received on another email client when the tags are enabled. As mentioned above, iOS has a special way of handling encoding/decoding. There's no option in the Mail application to handle this. The encoding/decoding processes are automatic. However, iPads and iPhones are used by a lot of people, so the problem cannot be neglected. Maybe a simple recommendation for those Eset users receiving their emails on these devices would be enough ?
  2. Here is the kind of message that we can receive : Merci pour ce suivi de mon problème. C’est super, comme d’hab. J’ai regardé mes options Outlook et, comme je le pensais, j’ai bien html par défaut et non rich text (Outlook 2007). Il faut sans doute chercher avec la police. Celle-ci était Calibri par défaut. Voici donc un nouvel essai avec Arial. Vois-tu toujours le pb sur ta tablette ? If the tag option is disabled in Eset, the message is clean.
  3. Actually, it's not only the text added by Eset that is incorrectly decoded. It's the whole message.
  4. I just checked this and the problem didn't appear (I'm using the English version of Eset and my friend is using the french version).
  5. Hi, A buddy of mine recently asked for help because all the emails he sent to his contacts (including me) were unreadable (HTML incorrectly decoded) when received on an iPad or an iPhone (no problem with other mail clients including Outlook). He is sending his emails with Outlook and he is using Eset Smart Security. However, I'm also using Outlook to send emails, I'm also using Eset (Nod32) and I didn't have this problem. After spending hours doing various tests, we eventually found the cause of this issue. I am not letting Eset add tags to my incoming or outgoing mails unless they are infected. My friend was adding these tags to all emails. As soon as he disabled this option, the problem disappeared. The problem can be reproduced at will. I had a look at the RAW message data once it has been tagged by Eset. The part inserted by Eset is not very clear about its encoding, to say the least. Obviously, most email clients can deal with this but there's apparently a problem with emails processed by the Mail application on the iPad and the iPhone. It's well known that this app handles encoding automatically in a very special way. Apparently, this processing doesn't like the Eset tags very much. This problem could be observed on various iPad / iPhone and is fully reproducible. Of course, this problem is apparently on the Apple side but I'm not sure that the HTML text added by Eset is very clean. So both parties should talk about this, I think. More generally, Eset seems to have recurring problems with Outlook. For example, the problem of the duplicated mails when "Integrate into Outlook" is enabled is still waiting to be fixed.
  6. icon missing

    Hi, I recently had the same problem after the version 11 upgrade. Actually, egui.exe is loaded (you can check this in the Task Manager, Details tab) but the tray icon is not displayed. I tried all recommendations given by ESET ( . The only thing that worked was to update my display driver (NVidia). I still don't see the relationship between a tray icon icon and a display driver but the icon is now back. Maybe someone from Eset can explain... See thread named "No icon in system tray + failed module update" (when I insert the URL, the forum software does strange things, sorry).
  7. No icon in system tray + failed module update

    Don't ask me why, the Eset tray icon was back this morning when I booted my system. I didn't change anything to my settings (at least willingly) but yesterday, a brand new NVidia driver was installed. However, this had no immediate effect on the tray icon (and I don't see how the tray icon behavior could be related to the display driver - but I'm ready to learn).
  8. No icon in system tray + failed module update

    Hi Marcos, FYI. The egui.exe process is running. It's just the icon that doesn't show up. I didn't have any problem before installing version 11. When I click on the Eset Security icon in the Windows Start menu, this creates a second instance of egui.exe, this one showing the tray icon. I also checked the Windows 10 taskbar settings : it is set to "always show all icons".
  9. No icon in system tray + failed module update

    OK. I'll generate a boot log.
  10. No icon in system tray + failed module update

    Marcos, Thanks. I have already prepared the ELC Logs but there's a problem with Process Monitor : since the issue is with an Eset "session" startup command that is not executed, the problem occurs before I'll be able to launch Process Monitor. So I'm wondering what you want to be recorded.
  11. No icon in system tray + failed module update

    Thanks for confirming. There's a strange thing about this issue : I can launch egui.exe from the Eset | Eset security | Eset Security shortcut created during installation in the windows Start menu. However, if I copy this shortcut to the Startup folder of the Windows Start menu, egui.exe is not launched when opening a Windows session. I have created a support ticket.
  12. No icon in system tray + failed module update

    Continuing my solitary monologue... I have disabled all Startup entries in the Startup tab of the Windows Task Manager except the Eset "egui" entry and re-started. This again didn't help. Still no tray icon. So I guess it's not a conflict with another entry.
  13. No icon in system tray + failed module update

    The "failed to copy file" issue seems to be fixed after the re-installation. But still no way to get the tray icon, beside launching egui.exe manually.
  14. No icon in system tray + failed module update

    I uninstalled ESET NOD32, cleaned up everything, re-installed. This didn't help. Still no icon in the system tray. The Run entry in the registry was re-created : egui | "C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\ecmds.exe" /launch /hide The status of egui.exe in the Task Manager is no longer "Suspended". It's merely not there. The only way to recover the tray icon is to launch Eset from the Start menu.
  15. No icon in system tray + failed module update

    Doing a Repair doesn't help either. I ran the following command : reg add HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\ /t REG_SZ /v ESETSysTray /d """"%ProgramFiles%\ESET\ESET Security\egui.exe""" /hide /waitservice" /f which added the correct entry to the registry but this had no effect. egui.exe will only run and display the tray icon when I run it manually after the login operations are finished.