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  1. Samoréen

    Error when applying differential update

    OK. The problem didn't re-appear since more than one month. Nothing has changed on my system beside what's explained above. So there's a good chance that this was the problem - crossing my fingers - (although I still don't understand why only the ESET update files were affected).
  2. Samoréen

    Error when applying differential update

    I have understood that the tool must be running when the problem occurs. If the problem was related to my internet connection, it should not re-appear. If not, I will see it again one of these days and it will happen more than once. So if I see it again in the near future, I will activate all the available reporting tools and wait for the next failure. Re: disk failure If you re-read this thread, you'll see that I have done everything I could do to confirm or invalidate this possibility. For the moment, I exclude the idea that the 2 SSDs that are/were used to store the update files are having problems only with ESET update files.
  3. Samoréen

    Error when applying differential update

    Phil_S, It would be interesting to see whether we get these notifications for the same updates. They might be triggered at a different time (or date) but they can be identified by their version number. For example, the last one that failed for me was this one Time;Module;Event;User 08/08/2018 17:11:56;ESET Kernel;Detection Engine was successfully updated to version 17850 (20180808).;SYSTEM The above is the success notification after 2 failed attempts.
  4. Samoréen

    Error when applying differential update

    Hi Peter, The problem didn't re-appear since 12 days now. Meanwhile, I noticed that something had been changed (by my ISP) in the settings of my DSL box. The acceptable margin for the SNR (signal noise ratio) has been set to a higher value, which means that the box is now less tolerant to transmission errors. This could explain why the problem didn't show up since almost 2 weeks although I never had any file corruption problem with the previous settings (with exception of the ESET updates). I don't see why only the ESET update files should be corrupted. Maybe they go a specific route where some device between your servers and my PC is generating the problem. Anyway, I will download the tool and use it if the problem shows up again.
  5. Samoréen

    Error when applying differential update

    Peter, As I already explained multiple times, the problem appears randomly so I'm unable to anticipate. I cannot reproduce at will. Thus, providing consistent logs along with a Process Monitor log as you requested in your message from June 12 is a problem. The problem didn't re-appear since about 8 days. It may re-appear at any time without any warning. I will be notified of the error by the ESET UI after a failed attempt. So any log collecting procedure implying a before/after backup is a no go. Otherwise, I can provide any file you want.
  6. Samoréen

    Error when applying differential update

    Latest news : - Clearing the Update Cache didn't help. - MalwareBytes is not the culprit.
  7. Samoréen

    Update Module : Failed to rename file

    Yes. This error occurred only once until now.
  8. Hi, I recently got this notification after (or during) an update. No other error was reported. Is it possible to get this kind of message after the Update Cache has been cleared ? Thanks.
  9. Samoréen

    Error when applying differential update

    Thanks for your time, itman. I'll continue feeding this thread with the information I'll be able to collect.
  10. Samoréen

    Error when applying differential update

    My intent was to protect these ports via the Windows Firewall instead of letting the ISP's router doing something that is not documented. If these ports are not used when ESET updates itself (I had a doubt because of the ERA), there's no reason to leave them without any monitoring.
  11. Samoréen

    Error when applying differential update

    I just discovered that my ISP box was by default "protecting" ports 135, 137, 138, 139 and 445 (I don't know exactly what it does, there's no documentation about this). Most of these ports are used by the ESET Remote Administrator. I don't know whether ERA is used for the pico updates... I have disabled this "protection".
  12. Samoréen

    Error when applying differential update

    Hi itman, Back to the above... So, this means that even if the update file is not corrupted (tampered with), the update will fail anyway with the same error message if something prevents the update compiler from communicating with the ESET server during the update process when trying to check the hash code ? That "something" could be a setting (a filter) enabled in the firewall (I'm not using the Windows firewall but the one embedded in my ISP's modem) ? Do you know which ports are involved in this process ?
  13. Samoréen

    Error when applying differential update

    Yes, I did. I'm currently trying again.
  14. Samoréen

    Error when applying differential update

    Anyway, thanks for your help. I might be the only one with this issue but I rather believe that many people just don't care or even look at the event log. They click on the Check for updates button until everything is OK. My system has nothing fancy. It's not a development system and I only have image processing, office applications and various utilities. There are only 2 programs that could interfere : MalwareBytes Premium (with real-time Protection enabled - I use it as a complement to ESET) and Acronis True Image Home which now has an Active Protection feature against ransomware (which I turned off). I think I have already asked about possible incompatibilities and I'm not aware of any.
  15. Hi, This morning ESET displayed a strange empty message. A corresponding entry was added to the event log :