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  1. This a problem that appears to be specific to version 10.0.390. Don't despair.
  2. Hallo, I guess it will never update by itself. I had the same problem. You'll have to download the installer and install yourself manually. MfG.
  3. Thanks. You mean, it checks the size in pixels of the active window compared to the display resolution, I guess ? I have no such window active when the problem occurs. However, I do have some hidden windows that have dimensions corresponding to the screen display (or bigger : e.g. 1921x1201). They all belong to the system with exception of a couple of them belonging to Microsoft Office (Outlook). Since I didn't have the problem before version, maybe the detection algorithm has changed and is now mistakenly taking the hidden windows into account ?
  4. Marcos, Could you give me some information about how ESET NOD32 determines that a window is full-screen. I could then look in my system if such a (hidden) window exists using a window spy tool. I'm a former developer, I can deal with this.
  5. Further testing... No application running with exception of the ESET NOD32 UI, which is the only opened window on the desktop. I use the Alt-Tab combo a couple of times and voilà, the Gamer Mode switch is briefly enabled (becomes orange and then back to paused state) and after that I get the infamous "ESET requires your attention" message. I can reproduce at will.
  6. While you can't do anything from the system tray, you can pause the protection from the "Computer protection" screen.
  7. If I uncheck the "Display notifications on Desktop" option with Gamer Mode disabled, this doesn't change anything : I'm still getting the same unwanted warnings when switching apps.
  8. The problem disappears if I enable the Gamer Mode but this is not exactly what I want.
  9. Attached is a screen capture demonstrating this. After one or two seconds, the Gamer Mode switch returns to Paused by itself.
  10. I should have mentioned that I'm using a dual display configuration. Maybe is this fooling the "full-screen" detection routine.
  11. No. It's even worse. Moreover, if I open the ESET NOD32 UI, switch to another app using Alt-Tab and switch back to the ESET UI (still using alt-Tab), I can see that the Gamer Mode switch is sometimes briefly enabled (becomes orange) and then switches back to Paused after a few seconds.
  12. Gamer mode is set to Paused and the option named "Do not display notifications when running applications in full-screen mode" is checked. Anyway, the problem occurs even when no application is running in full-screen mode.
  13. Hi, Since installation of version I keep seeing this message popping up from the system tray. Clicking on the notification has no effect (because actually there's nothing to pay attention to). This mainly happens when switching from an application to another using Alt-Tab (Windows 10 Pro 1511 64-bit). This is really exasperating since I found no way to stop this misbehavior. This, added to other bugs and to the fact that I'm now unable to temporarily disable protection when I need to (a bug that should already be fixed) questions the way the people in the quality insurance dpt. at ESET are doing their job. I have used ESET NOD32 professionally for many years and I never had such problems. Now each version is bringing its share of regressions and corrections take too much time to be released.
  14. Also, what is the name of the process that I should monitor ? The MSI service ? Or merely the installer program ?
  15. Hi Marcos, I guess you mean when updating from to the next one ?