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  1. what kind of print would you like ? everytime i open steam i get a notification from eset yellow color with the msg eset has limited cloud connectivity
  2. Hi, Since yesterday every time i open steam when i start my pc i am getting "eset has limited cloud connectivity" its happening only when i start steam, i am not losing any internet connection, is this a bug ?
  3. i am getting the same issue when launching steam, started happening this week
  4. Great to hear that Marcos, is it safe to restore the file to its original location ? Another question if you will, if Eset blocked a site by internal blacklist, that means my PC is safe right ? Eset blocked the attemp to access that site in the first place ?
  5. The file was detected by an on-demand scan to be honest, the file is currently in quarantine, do i need to restore it to upload it ?
  6. devctrllog.dat hipslog.dat lasthit.dat urllog.dat virlog.dat warnlog.dat
  7. i have a file called "virlog.dat" but it was modified on 19 of march 2019 is that the file you want ? and if so i tried to upload it but the site wont let me
  8. can i provide a log without downloading the log collector ?
  9. So for some reason Eset detected SteelSeries software as a virus and i have no idea why, iv had the software since day 1 with eset and only now it detected it as a virus C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\SteelSeries\SteelSeries Engine 3\engineApps\system-stats\SysStatsGo.dll it says "suspicious file" is there any reason it started now to detect it ? i need to mention i didnt re-download this program it was downloaded from the official site 2 years ago
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