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  1. all the details are in the image do you need anymore information ?
  2. Hey, yea i saw marcos replay but the path that was detected on my machine was different from the path on that post, is it the same file and is it safe to ignore the detection ?
  3. hey i also posted a topic about this but it seems that the file path on my machine is different, looks like its going to a gaming service from microsoft, care to also take a look ?
  4. I see, the question is do i clean it or ignore ? cleaning might cause damage to the operating system ?
  5. hey i just posted a topic about this too, i have getting a PUA msg about this win32/atlasvpn.a i did not download any atlasvpn or anything, any idea whats this about ?
  6. Hi, today the eset antivirus detected a PUP from a microsoft folder, it detected somekind of VPN safe to say i do not download any vpn or any programs on my pc, i am the only one that uses this pc and no windows update was done yesterday or today, i am attaching a printscreen of the detection https://imgur.com/a/RO0duck
  7. what kind of print would you like ? everytime i open steam i get a notification from eset yellow color with the msg eset has limited cloud connectivity
  8. Hi, Since yesterday every time i open steam when i start my pc i am getting "eset has limited cloud connectivity" its happening only when i start steam, i am not losing any internet connection, is this a bug ?
  9. i am getting the same issue when launching steam, started happening this week
  10. Great to hear that Marcos, is it safe to restore the file to its original location ? Another question if you will, if Eset blocked a site by internal blacklist, that means my PC is safe right ? Eset blocked the attemp to access that site in the first place ?
  11. The file was detected by an on-demand scan to be honest, the file is currently in quarantine, do i need to restore it to upload it ?
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