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  1. I haven't heard from you since then. So I set notifications to Critical only, but even that didn't help to get rid of them. So I disabled notifications from the taskbar settings for just ESET and that stopped it. Fortunately it doesn't stop virus/malware alerts, as I hit a web page that triggered a known malware alert and the ESET warnings worked just fine (I also whitelist domains and sites for scripting, so I'm protected there as well). For those experiencing this annoying ESET issue and searching for a resolution, that's the one change that helped me: disable ESET notifications from your task bar in Windows. It blocks these annoying messages by still lets the ESET app notify you about potential viruses and other malware.
  2. So does that mean there was no Internet connectivity between my location and servers in Slovakia? Or was this to a server in another country? I noticed the "avcloud.e5.sk" listing, but I don't wish to do lookups of all of those other IPs listed in the logs. If there is no resolution, then what's the best way to suppress these messages? For example, in the settings for Desktop Notifications I can select Diagnostic, Informative (current setting), Warnings, Errors, Critical. Would choosing "Warnings" level get rid of these LiveGrid connectivity messages?
  3. Marcos, I had this error reported from ESET again today. Seems to happen sometimes when I open a specific Steam-based app. I've done trace routes (WinMTR) to different servers in the US and don't have any dropped packets and response time is good (always double digits or less ms to each hop). I'm including my iris logs from today as well as logs from the ESET Log Collector (last 30 days). I hope that helps? Thanks. eset_cipher_logs.zip eav_logs.zip
  4. I'm experiencing the same issues others did in this thread that's now closed: It just started happening for me recently, in the last couple of weeks or so. I've noticed it is triggered more regularly by launching the Steam client or a Steam-based app. ESET, why is this still an issue? I've turned on iris logging by adding the file "iris_force_enable_logs" so I'm just waiting for it to happen again. Is there any way to disable these notifications about Direct Cloud Connectivity? Really annoying. Thanks.
  5. System and tools... Dell Latitude E5570 (6th gen Intel CPU) SanDisk Cruzer Blade 16GB USB Flash Drive Latest ESET SysRescue iso and SysRescue Creator as of this post I had a previous SysRescue install on this USB flash drive, and it didn't boot this E5570 laptop either, though it boots Dell Latitude E5540 and earlier laptops just fine. I did the "erase" function first from the SysRescue Creator, then used the existing ISO of the latest version I download just recently to create the USB flash drive-based Sysrescue. Creates just fine. And the laptop boots to this flash drive. The problem is what happens after I choose to run SysRescue from the main menu it boots to. I get a command-line error about being unable to update the antivirus modules. This is on top of a bunch of random characters as the background of the terminal-like screen (the same character repeated over and over). The prompt there is eset@esysrescue and I can't launch XWindow or anything. Note that from the menu I can run a memory test (Memtest x86++) and check the drives, but never launch SysRescue. Looks like ESET SysRescue doesn't work with the latest hardware. I then downloaded the latest Ubuntu iso, used Rufus to make a bootable flash drive from the same USB stick and pointed it to this Ubuntu iso. That boots the E5570 just fine, no issues. Can we get a fix for SysRescue please? It seems ESET spends a lot of effort supporting and updating ESET Nod32 and similar products well, but pretty much ignores SysRescue.
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