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  1. Great to hear that Marcos, is it safe to restore the file to its original location ? Another question if you will, if Eset blocked a site by internal blacklist, that means my PC is safe right ? Eset blocked the attemp to access that site in the first place ?
  2. The file was detected by an on-demand scan to be honest, the file is currently in quarantine, do i need to restore it to upload it ?
  3. devctrllog.dat hipslog.dat lasthit.dat urllog.dat virlog.dat warnlog.dat
  4. i have a file called "virlog.dat" but it was modified on 19 of march 2019 is that the file you want ? and if so i tried to upload it but the site wont let me
  5. can i provide a log without downloading the log collector ?
  6. So for some reason Eset detected SteelSeries software as a virus and i have no idea why, iv had the software since day 1 with eset and only now it detected it as a virus C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\SteelSeries\SteelSeries Engine 3\engineApps\system-stats\SysStatsGo.dll it says "suspicious file" is there any reason it started now to detect it ? i need to mention i didnt re-download this program it was downloaded from the official site 2 years ago
  7. If you need another Log Time;URL;Status;Application;User;IP address;SHA1 02-May-20 8:05:18 PM;https://cognito-identity.us-east-1.amazonaws.com;Blocked by PUA blacklist;C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe;DESKTOP-OJGALTK\freec;;4B6CB3A0794BEF967F8A5F593239446FA28EA74D
  8. do you mean to copy the PUA log ? does it have any personal information ?
  9. Since yesterday ESET started blocking this address "https://cognito-identity.us-east-1.amazonaws.com" and it happened when i was on twitch, i checked all the times it blocked it and with browsing history it matches up with me being on twitch watching a live stream, i wanted to know if this website really is malicious and why its being on twitch, i tried to look it up and everything comes out as its an amazon legit website. thanks in advance.
  10. What kind of behavior, and if eset blocked that website why do I need to check for weird behavior ? I didn’t access that website since eset blocked it
  11. Did a full scan like you said had 0 detections, I can be calm now right ?
  12. Ok thank you very much, I also did a full scan on my pc and it said 0 threats found and 0 detections
  13. I don’t care if I cannot access speedtest.net I just care that nothing hurt my pc, since I don’t really know these kind of stuff, I want to know if eset blocked that website did anything could hurt my pc even that eset blocked it ?
  14. But again, even if eset blocked that website it count that I didn’t even enter it ? So it cannot harm my pc, right ?
  15. But it didn’t hurt my pc right? Eset blocks it completely ?
  16. I’m kinda scared to enter the website again, eset kept blocking that website , can it do any harm to my pc even when eset blocked it ? It happens only with the speed test website, I tested around 7 different websites and nothing popped up
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