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  1. Thank you. Absolutely right. I had that system set for pre-release updates for some reason going back years. Works fine, by the way, as far as I can tell.
  2. One of my Windows 10 systems got a update last week. I cannot see any mention of this anywhere. What's going on? My other systems remain on Is this version going to be rolling out soon?
  3. I am getting an error about access to ocsp.pki.goog/gts1o1core being blocked by Eset. What happened?
  4. OK. Final update. I just upgraded ESS from 9.0.375 to 9.0.381 and all is well. Banking secure browser (firefox) starts up very fast.
  5. Thanks but I have no place to upload. I can send it to you if you can give me an email address. I took another log which is about 110M which compressed to about 10M. Update: I just sent you a link to my Google Drive.
  6. Thanks. I would like to send it but the resulting .pml file is too large: approx 250M. Is there a filter you want me to apply?
  7. Firefox 47.0 (64 bit) Windows 10 Home (x64) Version 1511 (build 10586.420) Both Does not matter. Actually starting from the desktop shortcut is very slow (with no target web site). No difference. Actually on the same computer, same version of the browser works fine from another user login. The problem only happens with one id, the administrator. I have not done this.
  8. I have this problem too. It has been going on for a while. It only happens on one computer (Windows 10 Home 64 bit.) The other is fine which is a Windows 10 Pro 32 bit.) The delays are getting longer and longer.
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