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  1. I like after ALL those years ESET is sill unable to provide proper install and uninstall ???? I don't care how low the price is, or how good ESET is , it's just a big waste of time every time there is a version change... and support is non existent... always referring you to the same uninstaller that DON'T work on windows 10 upgrade... YEAR after YEAR you HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THIS MANUAL !!! Funny , because I never have any trouble with PC using Malwarebytes...
  2. Can anyone recommend or tell us why opening a secured browser takes longer then a minute? Is there any setting to make this faster? Opening a banking or PayPal trough the banking & Payment separate windows takes way too long . Using 9.0.375.0 with latest database Firefox 46.0.1 Windows 7 pro 32bits
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