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  1. So why no moderators answer this thread and fix this problem??
  2. Hello ESET MODERATORS I have the same problem, I don't know if I have to open a new thread or report it here. I have a website (https://www.ajibtarin.com) Today I noticed chrome can not open my website. but it can open it in incognito window. In developer console panel I get this error: ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING So I searched internet and I noticed this is caused by the antivirus, I have smart security 9 latest version. I enabled advanced protocol filtering logging and downloaded ESET Log Collector, but it gives me an error while collecting information. [20:15:19 PM
  3. I have exactly same problem, the text is too long. Does anyone know how to edit the sentence in context menu? some registry hacks?
  4. Thanx a lot It works, so i entered my wildcard in a wrong way. I should use C:\Program Files (x86)\Need For Speed Rivals\*.* instead of C:\Program Files (x86)\Need For Speed Rivals* I appreciate a lot 4 ur time 2 guide me Arakasi
  5. I did this, but now eset alert me about that file and it said UNABLE TO CLEAN. (as u said this is not convenient for real trojans and viruses) Do u mean use wildcards in exculsions? because i also did this (C:\Program Files (x86)\Need For Speed Rivals*) it didnt work. And if u mean use wildcards in HIPS, actually I cant enter wildcards in that part, it should be a file. same as excluded applications
  6. Thanx a lot for ur response Arakasi, just 1 point that I didnt get. Eset move these file to quarantine, NFS14.3DM.DLL (And the exe file is NFS14.exe) 1- I opened HIPS Filtering mode=>Automatic, I entered configure rules, clicked on New, Add both of them, (In HIPS system settings management, the action for both of them are Allow) 2- I opened protocal filtering=>Excluded applications,Add both of them. but Eset moved again NFS14.3DM.DLL to quarantine. Did I miss sth?
  7. Hello guys This is the problem I have : I exclude some files from scanning but eset move them to quarantine. The files are crack and patches for games, for example NFS Rivals patch and crack. Can I force eset not to scan them? Or is there any third party software that i can install and dont allow eset to scan them?
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