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  1. And what changes have been made in version 10? Can I sort rules by date, can I keep track rules for deleted programs as it was in version 8? Or Eset deleted all extra stats and program icons for firewall rules to create not user-friendly interface? Should I go back to the newest version. Yes, I want to go back, if I can find the same good old interface for firewall. But I don't see in the articles, how new interface looks like. With the limitation of sorting by date and lack of program icons interface v9 was terrible.
  2. Just looked at the ver. 9 user manual. Appears you're out of luck a far as copy/modify an existing rule capability. This among many more reasons of why I am still using ver. 8. I got message about new available update to version 9. Installed it and all messed up with new interface. No rules sorting by date in firewall settings, no more preview icons for applications. Just terrible update with disabled advanced settings
  3. Can confirm that something wrong with Anti Theft module on version 9. Looks like ESET forced users to use this module even if user don't need this product feature. Not very smart decision for ESET Smart 9 After installation Anti Theft module pop up by default and demand about connect device. I can't disable this module during installation because there is no more Skip button in interface but can't remove yellow info message in main ESET gui interface about wrong device. Yes, Anti Theft not suitable for desktop. And since ESET Smart Security 9 can't configure Anti Theft module, ESET Sma
  4. good move ESET. Looks like issue with compatibility fixed now
  5. I can't find "dont remind me again" button But every restart I see popup window about renewal. Very annoying
  6. Interface of your product is terrible. Instead information about the program status, all that I can see the claim (not suggestion ) to renew the license. Half months before the expiry. How can I remove the renewal of license claim from the main menu of ESET Smart Security?
  7. I only agree with the fact that the uninstall of ESET 7 happens sometimes with errors. Uninstall progress may stuck at a ESET driver uninstalling
  8. wow. Deviant art works fine. I mean I got blank page at first attempt P.S. My System is Windows 8 64-bit and Internet Explorer 10. Too bad I can't help you with SysInspector because I don't have free workstation to tests.
  9. Nice to see how ESET not fixed bugs which appeared six months ago
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