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  1. I delete all eset registry.... and still the problem. I resolved by format and reinstall windows. The only way I found. I'm a computer technician and I Know what I do. I got Technician licence in 2004 and perfect 10 on class. I'm a software tester in all instalations and see how to work. ESET is the best antivirus...... But this time, the installation got bad. I'm sorry for my report but the truth is more better.
  2. New Icons and more fast. More future and great view. Work better.
  3. Full Scan is the best way. You got more time but you dance with good final smile.
  4. The only way I see. Format and reinstall Windows. Then get the fresh ESET installation. DO NOT TOUCH THE "CHECK FOR NEW VERSION" BUTTON.... WE DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPEN NEXT.
  5. The problem become by ESET button upgrade check. The software download upgrade automaticaly and then install automaticaly. IT'S ME????
  6. I do all you say for get the upgrade. FAIL!!!! I do try to uninstall... FAIL!!!!! I do try to use the tool... FAIL!!!! ​I do by SAVE MODE...... FAIL!!!!!! I try to find the driver we say... FAIL!!!! All I do and still "ROLLING BACK". NO MORE LIE.......... FORMAT THE COMPUTER AND REINTALL WINDOWS...... NOW I GOT THE ESET v7 VERSION. ESET got a bad configuration the upgrade the v6 to v7.
  7. I try upgrade to version 7 and I lose all complete v6 software. Lose my serial to. Allways say ROLLING BACK and never complete install. Unable to uninstall v7 with tool. Now to repair I need to install Windows again with all programs. GREATE JOB...... THANK YOU.
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