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  1. Is this also the reason why it is not possible to upgrade to this version via ESMC? My current versions: ESET Management Agent 7.0.471.0 ESET Rogue Detection Sensor 1.1.615.0 ESET Security Management Center Server 7.0.471.0 When checking for an update it shows that none is available.
  2. Fantastic. I did see that the online help for v7 was already online... hopefully it is available soon!
  3. Can you send me links for ESMC and other v7 product to test please. We have a fairly large customer base with on-prem installations using ERA. We also have our own cloud-based ERA installation. The sooner I can test/assess this build the better! Thanks
  4. Will v7 have the ability to assign devices that the RD Sensor discovers to specific static groups?
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