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  1. Thanks for your answer, indeed I am running a company and indeed I have multiple licenses BUT i don't use the business version because it does not suit my needs, I don't need a central location to manage the different installations but I need that on each machine the main reason being technically advanced users that need to handle the AV themselves (and we are just 3 with 6 machines). I tested the business version as it looked very interesting on paper... BUT it has its glitch as well... - First the GUI is just used for notifications, there is no GUI nor possibility to use without ESMC - "/var/run" which is a system file/directory is included in your rpm for no reason, that can lead to serious issue - The kernel module had troubles to find the Linux sources... - The application is hardly linked to openssl v1.0.2 wich is a complete non sens (can not work with greater/lower versions of openssl) I don't have the time for the moment to reinstall and troubleshoot the new version, and i can not send back global logs, the bug is clearly introduced by the new change to your library libesets_pac.so I'll post back some logs if I have the time to test that on a vm
  2. Thanks: First thank you for this nice product Happy and sad: It's really tiring to always have one of version out of two working on Linux, other than the bad/weird fact that we have to check manually for app updates; Every time there is an update I get exited and get happy because the product is rarely updated (it does the job tho, this is what's most important) but on the other hand application updates (not the data base) are a true disaster for a professional commercial product; I always ask my self if the new version would works and do extensive tests each time I update, that should not be the case, we are not beta testers but your paying customers. I know Linux can be complicated (and/or required very technically capable developers) but it's not more complicated than windows on the contrary it's simpler and fully open source... speaking of which I really think you should opensource Nod32 for Linux the product would become way much better. you can still keep the license side of it closed source (even if it's no secret it just use a simple authentication user/pass over web to get the updates...), you really just need to opensource it with an adequate protective license.... anyway I just wanted to share this mixed paradoxal feeling about Nod32 for Linux, it's amazingly great but sadly it is also a mess. the application look like it is just maintained to survive with the very very minimal functionality... even on the financial aspect you have to manually give each new user its license (user/pass) manually, this does not feel like a product from a big company like yours. The v4.0.95.0 bug: After upgrading from v4.0.93.0 to v4.0.95.0 and rebooting of course, start testing with the eicar test file... Nod32 does not detect the virus on a lot of application, chrome browser (was the case before), micro editor, cat from terminal... etc. but it did detect and block the test virus with ark and kwrite... Using a RHEL based system with kernel v4.14. Solution: Downgrade to v4.0.93.0 where everything works just fine, even with latest Firefox and Chrome...
  3. Linux root user is a super god lol you can not protect root against root, Nod32 for linux is already not well implemented with its ldpreload system, just keep the system as it is don't make it worst. A better implementation would have been a kernel module, but as I guess that Eset is not investing a lot on its linux version (man power etc.) so just keep it as it is because it works, if you already have trouble developing a bug free version with ldpreload, i don't even image how it would be with a kernel module... Any way it's still a good product and does the job. so...
  4. Hi all, I created a context menu scan for KDE (Dolphin explorer) to be able to scan files with right click menu... have a look if you are interested https://www.opendesktop.org/p/1290369 ;)
  5. Hi, it's not an issue it's a bug in your application, i know how to solve it i just reported here to let the developer know Thanks
  6. Hello, NOD32 is not compatilbe with flatpak Issue : flatpak does not launch gui application when used with classic user (but work with root)... flatpak does not return any error it just does not start Cause : NOD32 uses /etc/ld.so.preload to inject its library on all apps... but it's causing problem with flatpak disabling this injection resolve the issue Probable Real Cause : May be it's because of advanced usage of userspace kernel feature from flatpak Request : Can you please add a feature in "libesets_pac.so" and the gui to disable injection for some applications ? Note : ld.so.preload is not intended for the usage that NOD32 is doing with it, normally nod32 would of use its own kernel module or on-access scanning via the now-defunct Dazuko kernel module or something else, but it's somehow a lot of work for the developer, so adding an "ignore list" with the current system would be easy to do if its not a lot asking... awaiting future version that would correct that issue for good with a correct implementation Links : https://github.com/flatpak/flatpak/issues/1310 https://blog.clamav.net/2016/03/configuring-on-access-scanning-in-clamav.html https://forum.eset.com/topic/10062-the-correct-way-to-use-the-on-access-scanner-libesets_pac/ Thanks
  7. - Did get a new 1 year license - Running v4.0.90 nice improve for the gui thanks - v4.0.90 no speed decrease nor on boot nor on usage - v4.0.90 no gui crash on clear log.
  8. Hello, My question is simple, is there any chance that nod32 linux version become open source ? even partially open source ? Thanks
  9. @makesart eset is one of the few if not the only company still providing such av for linux so... also as an IT you should know that linux is much more complex than windows because of all the variety of distros and desktop systems i know that nod32 is not free nor opensource but talking about refund when we know that you will still be using it and replying over here is... any way... your reaction is just not fair... also when it come to beta/release/stable etc. in linux world most of the time it takes months before a new versions is released as stable !!! its not a home cooked app that you check over scripts. and finally you are not left without solution v4.0.85 is still usable, i even wonder is you know what did they change from 85 to 87... you are not representative of the linux customers at all ! ... but in the other hand we always need someone like you to make things move lol at the end of the day thanks hahhaha @Marcos v4.0.88 have fixed the bug i confirm v4.0.87 is still in the main site download as mentioned before ?? you are loosing some customers here... v4.0.89 is there a test channel or something ? Thanks
  10. Same problem as well, eset service need to be stopped to get my apps running again redhat Linux 4.14.18 also 4.0.87 is incredibly slowing the system down comparing to 4.0.85
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