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  1. Thanks for your answer, indeed I am running a company and indeed I have multiple licenses BUT i don't use the business version because it does not suit my needs, I don't need a central location to manage the different installations but I need that on each machine the main reason being technically advanced users that need to handle the AV themselves (and we are just 3 with 6 machines). I tested the business version as it looked very interesting on paper... BUT it has its glitch as well... - First the GUI is just used for notifications, there is no GUI nor possibility to us
  2. Thanks: First thank you for this nice product Happy and sad: It's really tiring to always have one of version out of two working on Linux, other than the bad/weird fact that we have to check manually for app updates; Every time there is an update I get exited and get happy because the product is rarely updated (it does the job tho, this is what's most important) but on the other hand application updates (not the data base) are a true disaster for a professional commercial product; I always ask my self if the new version would works and do extensive tests each time I update, that s
  3. Linux root user is a super god lol you can not protect root against root, Nod32 for linux is already not well implemented with its ldpreload system, just keep the system as it is don't make it worst. A better implementation would have been a kernel module, but as I guess that Eset is not investing a lot on its linux version (man power etc.) so just keep it as it is because it works, if you already have trouble developing a bug free version with ldpreload, i don't even image how it would be with a kernel module... Any way it's still a good product and does the job. so...
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