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  1. Every Day After booting up I get this message ... Learning more about thi message tells me nothing. Everything appears to be functioning correctly. Can someone explain what might be causing this message, and what I sould do to correct itk, please Regards Chris Todd..
  2. 3 questions 1) OK, my system is Exposed to risk.... how dangerous is this state. I am not monitoring the screen all the time, during a full backup for example (using EASEUS Todo backup) which takes over 3 hours. Is my system liable to be attacked bt a virus or other malware? 2) Is a RESTART the only way to get out of this situaation? 3) Maybe odd topic ... I re-installed ESET Internet Security, yet on opening I am shown NOD32 on a second maching using the same install file, it says Internet security as expected. I Upgraded and paid for Internet Security from NOD32 in August last year. Is this normal?
  3. Hi Itman. thanks for the reply. I am going to disable WD, after all it is not really neessary if NOD32 is active-
  4. Greetings from Australia. My name is Chris, retired Electronics Engineer. I have been using ESET products for many years and am well satisfied with the protection they give me. I am a bit of a "tinkerer" and have 4 installations Windows 7-32, Windows 8-32 , Windows 10-32 and 64 on the one machine. being able to boot into an old version of Windows for recovery procedures has "saved my bacon" a few time when things went awry or got too scrambled in W10 which I use most of the time. An interesting fact about me ?? Nothing exciting ! I am a traveller, haveing visited over 70 countries on fact finding vacations. I am an AVID chatter using SKYPE and other forums with acquaintances in mainly sanish speaking countries.
  5. Thanks for the prompt reply. Thougt.... I have windows defender running, would this exacerbate this problem. I have messed with computers for a long time and have attained some knowledge .... as the saying oes ... " a little knowledge is dangerous " !
  6. After ther last Windows 10 update to Version 1803 (OS Build17134.48) I get this message ...... ESET NOD 32 Antivirus Your system is exposed to risk. For more information, click on this notification. 5.42 PM I down loaded the latest install file ... " eset_internet_security_live_installer.exe " on 24/05/2018 with these properties I carried out the suggestions of " Unistalling then Reinstalling " from that File. The procedure performed smoothly, if a little slow. I still get this notification sometimes after a few minutes, other times after some hours. the "more information" in that notification is worthless ¿¿ How can this be fixed ?? Incidently although I have re-insalled ESET Smat Security, all EST Windows refer to NOD32, is this normal?
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