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  1. No, only e-mail providers like Orange (France)
  2. Hello, Under thunderbird 78, to collect my IMAP mails, I had to, in the advanced settings of NOD 32, Mail client protection, disable the configuration of the IMAPS scan engine. Everything works then, but without protection upstream of the collected mails! Best regards
  3. Hello For my part, I can only retrieve mail by Thunderbird if the IMAP protection operated by NOD 32 v13.2.18.0 is disabled Regards
  4. Hello I observe a lot of crashes due to NOD 32 in Firefox when I watch streaming videos or during speedtests. Firefox crash reports still point to NOD 32 as the source of the problems. Indeed, if I deactivate the antivirus, all is well. Windows 10 2004 32-bi Best regards
  5. To migrate in 64 bits is still not a possible solution for me! And NOD 32 does not like the disabling of the HIPS service! So I'm waiting but this bug is annoying!
  6. No news for the resolution of this problem that affect many users of NOD 32 & Windows 10 1803 32 bits?
  7. hello, I have exactly the same problem on my computers in windows 10 Spring creators update 1803 32 bits (this problem does not appear in 64 bits).This dysfunction is completely random and unpredictable: a simple restart allows to return to a normal situation Best regards
  8. Yes but it's still embarrassing and so it's a bug of NOD 32! The impacted computer is under Windows 10 1803 32 bit
  9. A simple reboot of the computer temporarily solves this problem !
  10. Windows 10 32 bits 1803 spring creators update & NOD 32 I have the same problem: when the computer goes out of sleep while NOD 32 updates take place, I get this message: "security alert". I have to restart the computer for NOD 32 to work properly again
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