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  1. Sorry sir! I'm using a genuine license. I'm a giveaway organiser in a computer related forums and I organise various security and utility software for Windows. This is the trial license for 1 year of validity. I can show you the detail from the ESET Sweden. Here is the link , where I host giveaways and my name is "sid_16" - https://forums.mydigitallife.net/forums/giveaways-and-contests.57/
  2. New logs is created here, please have a look in below file. eis_logs.zip
  3. I was trying to made advance logging enable mode but its taking too much of time and say it will run for 2 hours. Please see the screenshot below.
  4. I've collected the logs in a zip file and attached below. please verify it. eis_logs.zip
  5. No there is no proxy or vpn being used. I'm from India and I'm using my real IP and mac address most of the time. As I'm using my android device wifi for surfing the net. How can I collect logs?
  6. My system: Windows 10 LTSB 2016 with the latest Windows and office updates installed. I'm using and Eset Internet Security 1year trial license (genuine) with the latest virus signature and version 11.2.49 . Every alternate day I got notification that eset live grid is inaccessible "attention required". Why? Is eset not fully supported in windows 10 platform? Why am I getting this nagging messages from eset notification in Windows 10? what is the solution to get rid of these issues? Any help will much be appreciated! Thanks, sid_16.
  7. Hi, I'm an Eset user since 8 years and it never has given me any issue but it has poping up a constant Security Alert warning that "Antivirus Protection is non functional". I'm using Eset Internet Security version 11 with latest build. I upgraded my Windows 10 just 4 days back from Windows 10 version 1709 to 1803 build 17134.1. Last 2 days Eset was alright but it started showing an warning alert from last 2 days. I uninstalled it using Eset uninstaller in safe mode again reinstalled then uninstalled and reinstalled... same warning alert, see no improvement! Is Eset not comp
  8. I completely uninstalled Adguard program from my PC , though I paid for it but my problem is solved. P.S- Both Eset & Adguard support team couldn't provide me any solution to get rid of this Komedia thingy. There was no option left for me than to uninstall any one of them. Here I choose Adguard ' cos I can block adds simply by installing an extension (browser) but sacrificing an excellent AV like ESS8 is foolish.
  9. hxxp://prntscr.com/6cfkxt Recent screenshot; hxxp://prntscr.com/6cgb0h
  10. I've done an exclusion in ESS8 but all invain. I don't know how to disable Komodia in Adguard or in ESS8. For a layman like me I want a solution. Ess8 warns me to clean hitmanpro alert 3 before execution and I uninstalled it due to so many pop ups. But for Adguard I couldn't find any solution and repeatedly happening at every reboot that ESS8 warns me to clean the PUA. I'm using Adguard program. I'd posted the screenshot but don't know why it didn't appeared here. Both ! Surfright and Adguard.
  11. With reference to this screenshot, I want your kind attention, that my ESS8 is constantly flagging Adguard and Hitman pro / hitman pro alert 3 as PUP but Adguard support team has confirmed me to made an exclusion and its a false positive warning. I've contacted Ess support but I got no reply. Any solution? suggestion/feedback ! Thanks and Best Regards, Sadashiva.
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