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  1. Well well, there you go. 🙂 Anyways, thanks for the support, and great that you found a solution! Regards, Joakim
  2. Hello again, for the record, as of last week, the update process started to work again without network failure. I do not know the reason for this; I have not during this week modified or updated my computer in any way, apart from NOD32 signature updates and MS Defender. I don't know if ESET or Microsoft changed anything, but I am happy. :-) Regards, Joakim
  3. I'm sorry, but I as I mentioned earlier, I won't go through the hazzle of uninstalling and reinstalling on this old Win7 computer; it might as well make things worse.
  4. I checked my Tilgin router, provided by my ISP, and I could not find any intrusion detection settings in it. (Although, I consider the setup of that router to be rather complex and somewhat hard to get a grip on, so I might have missed it,)
  5. Sorry, I believe I haven't been completely clear in my problem description. The download of the update works fine, and it seems to install correctly as well, but it is (more or less immediately) after the update has been installed that the network connection goes down. I use ping towards another node in my network, and I get "Request timed out" and "Destination host unreachable", until the connection is restored again after three minutes. Please note that this Eset update operation has worked without any problems for many years, up until around two weeks ago. I checked if I had installed
  6. itman, I connected my computer using Ethernet cable before doing an update, and this time the network remained up. I should test it one more update before I can say it works, but it looks like it does. What does that tell us? Btw, as I mentioned, I am running Windows 7, not 10. EDIT: And I now just did a second update with Ethernet cable, and there was no network failure. I also noticed that the little icon in the system tray did spin for almost exactly three minutes after updating, similar to the time that the wifi is down. Is that a lead?
  7. Marcos, I do have the Cleaner module 1211.1 installed. And I'm sorry, but to uninstall EAV, install a demo version of ESET Internet Security, then uninstall that before it expires and finally potentially reinstall EAV, is way too much of a hazzle for me to do on this old computer, which I am soon to replace anyway. I am just worried that this problem will show up also on my new computer, should I choose to install EAV on that one as well. I have used EAV for many years and I have never experienced any problems with it, until now. However, if no solution can be found for my current
  8. Thank you for your reply! I did as you suggested, but unfortunately it did not seem to help, soon (some seconds up to a minute or two) after I install the updates, the network stops responding for three minutes and then comes back again. So I am returning to the regular update channel again. Looking through the logs, I found an entry dated 10th July, that is, after the problem started, that says (in translation): "Undocumented serious error (500b)", with no further information. Can this be a lead?
  9. Hello, I started to notice about a week ago that my wifi connection occasionally stopped working for a while and then reconnected again. Most often this happened when i started up my computer, but could also occur while it was running. I confirmed using another computer that the problem was not the wifi. Today when it happened again, I was going through the NOD32 logs, and I found that this network outage (I have clocked it to be a little over 3 minutes) occurs at the same time as NOD32 updates the detection engine which it does regularly, or, if the computer was shut down by that ti
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