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  1. Cyber Security Pro seems to run fine on macOS 10.15 Public Beta 8 (19A573a).
  2. I was about to follow not2sure's suggestion to uninstall, then reinstall, when macOS 10.14.5 Public Beta 3 became available. When this was applied, ESET Cyber Security stopped complaining of its kexts being blocked.
  3. Detection engine version: 19221P (20190419) fails to make visible an option to Allow apps from ESET, in System Preferences | Security & Privacy | General.
  4. macOS network firewall (pf) -- GUI in Cyber Security Pro Many ESET customers will be using Virtual Private Networking services. Cyber Security Pro includes an application firewall but not a network firewall. The latter is important to stop packets travelling outside the tunnel. It just so happens that macOS includes a powerful network firewall, called pf (for packet filter), that Apple brought from OpenBSD via FreeBSD. There is no operating system-included GUI to make it easy for novices to configure. Some third party front ends to pf exist, like Murus, but if ESET included its own, that would be a very powerful statement about its seriousness in helping customers to achieve sound security.
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