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  1. Yes, that's the shortcut I used. I don't recall how or where I got that tip, but that works as a Quick Launch shortcut. Out of curiosity - it's not an integrated feature, how would reinstallation bring it back? The main site I was never able to successfully add was online.citi.com, or any of several citi domain variants I tried. However I see that it is now being recognized. Currently I'm unable to get www.chase.com to open in the secured browser. I've added it to the list of secured sites, but still no luck.
  2. The BPP feature doesn't automatically recognize most of my financial website destinations, and I've had no luck adding them manually. I was able to add a Quick Launch shortcut that brought up the BPP window, just as can be done through the program interface, but with only one click. However I lost that shortcut and now can't recall how I did it. Can anyone explain how to do this? thanks, Mike ETA: now I remember, I located the bpp executable and linked to it.
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